Weekender Project: Back to School Duo Mosaic Scrapbook

Back to School Mosaic ScrapbookDo you need a fun and easy project to get the kids creating a new craft and excited about  going back to school?

Take a gander at this fantastic  Back to School Project! It’s perfect for little hands and it a great little project to  introduce the kids to two crafts; scrapbooking and mosaics!  Download the instructions for this mosaic scrapbook project from Diamond Tech Crafts and be sure to take a look at our Creative Corner for more fun projects.


Tips For Getting the Best Break When Cutting Bottles

         G2 Bottle Cutter              Glass Bottle Cutter


  • Make sure you remove all of the sticky residue left from the label before cutting your bottle, if you are having trouble, try using a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol or gently rub with a green scrubby – be careful not to scratch the surface!


  • Always inspect your bottle before shocking it, if you skipped any area on the score line, it may divert up or down, place the bottle cutter back in the neck of the bottle and only score the spot you skipped.


  • Never go over the same score twice!!!


  • Make sure your score isn’t too deep otherwise your glass will splinter, keep in mind you have cut too deep if the score line on your bottle looks like salt.


  • Always keep your G2 Bottle Cutter blade well oiled to ensure top performance.Check out the Creative Corner

Follow these easy tips and you will be up-cycling those old glass bottles in no time! Make sure you check out our Creative Corner at Diamond Tech Crafts for more Bottle Cutting How To and fun Glass Bottle Projects.

Weekender Project: Tic Tac Toe Memo Board

My Tile Kit - Tic Tac Toe Memo BoardEver have one of those days where you can’t remember a single thing and you are soo busy you forget to pay a bill, you missed your doctors appointment and you lost your keys again?

Create this fun memo board from My Tile Kit Pebbles and some general craft items to keep yourself on track and build up your brain power with a quick game of tic tac toe! 

Download the instructions for this My Tile project from Diamond Tech and take a look at our Creative Corner for more fun projects.

Fun with Featured Artist Barbara Lewis

 Here at Diamond Tech we love sitting down with the artists who use our product on a daily basis. Enameled Jewelry by Barbara LewisWe found out that one of our favorite artists, Barbara Lewis, just released  new book Torch Fired Enamel Jewelry – A Workshop in Painting with Fire in which she exclusively uses the Diamond Tech Fireworks Torch and we just had to talk to her and have her share a little more about herself.

 How did you get started in torch fired enameled jewelry?

 • I took a workshop with Joe Spencer, creator of Multi-Torch Fired Enamel and things started to click.  I applied my ceramics education and knowledge gained from 20 years of firing gas kilns to adjustments in the flame. Who could imagine that white enamel would be my BFF! Simple torch adjustments create the most astoundingly beautiful results!

Why did you get started in torch fired enameled jewelry?

• While recovering from two rotator cuff surgeries, as a result of loading heavy kiln shelves, I began the intimate task of making jewelry.  First using my ceramic beads and then my enamel ones.  I took a lampworking class during this recovery period.  Enamel seemed a natural progression for an artist attracted to the flame! These experiences have led to my book, Torch Fired Enamel Jewelry – A Workshop in Painting with Fire. My Painting with Fire method exclusively uses the Diamond Tech Fireworks Torch.  It makes the art of enameling fast and affordable. The self-igniting feature of the torch is great for workshop students who may have no former flameworking experience.  But even better than that is how simple it is to adjust the oxygen flow to the flame.

How have your other interests/hobbies/career influenced your glass designs?

• I began sewing at the age of 12 and started college as an apparel design major.  My desire to make as many of the beads and components for my jewelry as possible, stems from this original creative urge to make the dresses I visualized.  Now I integrate silks, leather and other fabrics into my jewelry designs. I encourage jewelry artists to spread their wings and not be captive to what’s available at the store.

What inspires you?

• Because I love color, enamel is a natural fit.  It’s all about color!  In college I studied color theory and some would say that they are attracted to my work because of my use of color.  I have always enjoyed introducing the offbeat … a little bit of unexpected color that might make you say, “I would never have thought to use that!”

What makes your work unique from other artists?Enameled Jewelry by Barbara Lewis

• I work spontaneously from the things around me. I get a thrill from incorporating seemingly disparate objects into a single piece of jewelry.  My “Bench Collection” necklaces are a snapshot of what’s on my worktable at any given moment.  I love this type of challenge.

Who’s work, glass or otherwise, do you most admire?

• I love the work of Mark Rothko and the Color Field painters.  Enamel artists I admire would include Deb Lozier, Jan Smith, and Jan Harrell.  I love their use of color and texture.

Do you sell your work? If so, where?

• I sell my work primarily online at my website, but also at the Juxtacenter Salon and Gallery in St. Petersburg, Buttons Bangles and Beads in St. Pete Beach and at All About Beads in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

What are some upcoming exhibits/shows that you are excited about?

• The thing I’m most excited about in the immediate future is Bead Fest Philly in August, where I’ll have my book available for the first time.  I’ll also be doing a book signing and teaching two workshops. In September, I teach at Art and Soul, Portland.  In addition, I teach about 25 to 30 workshops a year … I’m pretty busy.

What advice would you give other artists?

• Stay true to your aesthetic. Your work will remain original and inspired.  Connections will be easy … things will feel right.  When you find yourself straying from your path, you may need to limit outside influences. My word for the year has been “Steadfast.” 

What else would you like to say about yourself and your work? 

• I struggle with a mind racing with ideas.  When I go into the studio, I’m definitely ADD and have to focus my energy and attention.  Working from a list is not a bad idea, but I usually misplace the list … 🙂

I invite you to join me at www.paintingwithfire.ning.com, where it’s all about torch firing.  It’s a great place to go with questions, to network and get inspired.  We also have a weekly chat on Thursday evenings at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

Contact Barbara Lewis:

Barbara Lewis Phone: (301) 643-3151


website for supplies and jewelry: www.paintingwithfireartwear.com

book website: www.torchfiredenameljewelry.com

blog: www.paintingwithfireartwear.blogspot.com

Weekender Project: Adorable Mosaic Birdhouse

Mosaic Birdhouse ProjectChirp, chirp! Give your neighborhood birds a new home with this adorable mosaic birdhouse and welcome the weekend with a fun new project. Using Jennifer’s Mosaics Stained Glass Chips and Antiquity Mosaics Tiles and a few craft store items; you can create a truly unique birdhouse that is sure to keep the songbirds singing and the robins rockin’ in your yard all summer long.  Download the instructions for this mosaic project and be sure to take a look at our Creative Corner for more fabulous mosaic projects and how-to videos too!

We love to see your work, leave us a comment with your finished project.

Questions about mosaics? We will be happy to answer, just comment below!

Cooking Up Art in Your Microwave

fuseworks fused glassFor decades, glass crafters and artists have been fusing glass to make beautiful pieces of jewelry and home décor. This art is generally limited to a smaller field of artists because the initial costs of glass fusing can be prohibiting for the home crafter. Not only do you have the cost of the glass, but the price of the kiln, and the energy to run it – yikes!

Fuseworks Microwave KilnIf you have ever wanted to try your hand at glass fusing or if you are looking for a small, economical, and fast addition to you fusing collection, the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln is the perfect option for you. The Fuseworks Microwave Kiln is the perfect solution for crafters looking to try a high cost craft at very low price. At only 3 ¼” high and 4 ½” in diameter, this kiln is compact enough to fit into any standard 800-1200 watt home microwave but offers enough space to create wonderful works of fused glass art.

Its high tech composite material allows glass to fuse in as little as 3 minutes. Create fused glass projects such as pendants, brooches, earrings, buttons and bracelets and home decors like drawer pulls, bottle stoppers and magnets.

Fused Glass PendantFused Glass Drawer PullFused Glass PendantFused Glass Wine Stopper

Be sure to check out Diamond Tech Crafts to find a dealer near you or to become a dealer to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to start fusing glass today.

Stay tuned for helpful tips and fun fusing projects and don’t forget to view our fusing videos on YouTube.

Do you have a Fuseworks Microwave Kiln? Show off your fused artwork in the comments section below! We will be happy to answer any questions posted about fusing in the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln as well!

Happy Crafting!