Cooking Up Art in Your Microwave

fuseworks fused glassFor decades, glass crafters and artists have been fusing glass to make beautiful pieces of jewelry and home décor. This art is generally limited to a smaller field of artists because the initial costs of glass fusing can be prohibiting for the home crafter. Not only do you have the cost of the glass, but the price of the kiln, and the energy to run it – yikes!

Fuseworks Microwave KilnIf you have ever wanted to try your hand at glass fusing or if you are looking for a small, economical, and fast addition to you fusing collection, the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln is the perfect option for you. The Fuseworks Microwave Kiln is the perfect solution for crafters looking to try a high cost craft at very low price. At only 3 ¼” high and 4 ½” in diameter, this kiln is compact enough to fit into any standard 800-1200 watt home microwave but offers enough space to create wonderful works of fused glass art.

Its high tech composite material allows glass to fuse in as little as 3 minutes. Create fused glass projects such as pendants, brooches, earrings, buttons and bracelets and home decors like drawer pulls, bottle stoppers and magnets.

Fused Glass PendantFused Glass Drawer PullFused Glass PendantFused Glass Wine Stopper

Be sure to check out Diamond Tech Crafts to find a dealer near you or to become a dealer to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to start fusing glass today.

Stay tuned for helpful tips and fun fusing projects and don’t forget to view our fusing videos on YouTube.

Do you have a Fuseworks Microwave Kiln? Show off your fused artwork in the comments section below! We will be happy to answer any questions posted about fusing in the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln as well!

Happy Crafting!


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