Tips For Getting the Best Break When Cutting Bottles

         G2 Bottle Cutter              Glass Bottle Cutter


  • Make sure you remove all of the sticky residue left from the label before cutting your bottle, if you are having trouble, try using a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol or gently rub with a green scrubby – be careful not to scratch the surface!


  • Always inspect your bottle before shocking it, if you skipped any area on the score line, it may divert up or down, place the bottle cutter back in the neck of the bottle and only score the spot you skipped.


  • Never go over the same score twice!!!


  • Make sure your score isn’t too deep otherwise your glass will splinter, keep in mind you have cut too deep if the score line on your bottle looks like salt.


  • Always keep your G2 Bottle Cutter blade well oiled to ensure top performance.Check out the Creative Corner

Follow these easy tips and you will be up-cycling those old glass bottles in no time! Make sure you check out our Creative Corner at Diamond Tech Crafts for more Bottle Cutting How To and fun Glass Bottle Projects.


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