Ahead of the Curve: Tips for Creating Beautiful Mosaics on Curved Surfaces

Curved Mosaic Vase MosaicSometimes creating mosaics on a surface that is  convex or concave, upright or just not flat and level can be very challenging to say the least. But hang in there because  the challenge is so worth the reward when your project is finished. Use these tips for apply mosaics to  those pesky curved surfaces and you’ll find that those weird surfaces are no hassle at all.


• To make a piece of flat glass fit against a curved surface, nip the glass or tile into small pieces to conform to the curve. By using this technique you can apply glass or tile to almost any object, flat or curved.

 Mosaic Garden Balls Curved mosaic

• Use a bag of rice, dried beans or an old pillow to rest rounded objects on to prevent rolling during the mosaic process.


• Use thick multi-purpose adhesive or quick dry glue while you work on small areas at a time when Mosaic Eggsadding tesserae to a curved surface to keep the pieces from sliding and to allow the area to dry faster.




• An alternative to the previous tip is to apply your mosaic piece to contact paper and then apply it to the curved surface after applying adhesive, if you are apply a mosaic to a vase or a similar cylindrical piece, tape the adjoining ends of contact paper to hold in place

 Mosaic Vase

•If the surface you are using is smooth or slick, try lightly sanding the surface. Wipe the surface with a lint free cloth to remove any dust or debris.


Be sure to  check out the Diamond Tech Crafts Creative Corner to find some fun mosaic projects and how-to and to find Diamond Tech products in your area take a gander at our dealer locator.


Weekender Project: Stained Glass Mission Style Picture Frame

Stained Glass Project Mission Style FrameIf you are new to stained glass and need a fun and simple project, why don’t you try your hand at making a picture frame, more specifically this Mission Style Frame. Picture frame projects are great starter projects for stained glass beginners and they can be modified for intermediate and advanced stained glass artists too! Download the instructions for this colorful stained glass picture frame from Diamond Tech Crafts and find more stained glass projects in the Diamond Tech Crafts Creative Corner.

What Can I Make with a KraftyBlok?

A KraftyBlok is a glass block that can be used as a medium for crafting. It was engineered with flat, smooth sides so you can adhere anything to the surface and you won’t have to worry about a distorted looking image or your painstakingly created decorations falling off. KraftyBloks come pre-drilled with a hole making it a great base for the following top uses

  • Luminary or Night Light krafty blok luminary


  • Vase krafty blok vase


  • Shadowbox or Picture Boxkrafty blok shadowbox frame


  • Bank krafty blok bank


  • Candy Jar krafty blok candy jar


Looking for some more unique ways to use the KraftyBlok , some of my favorites are bookends, beta fish tanks and terrariums. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Get krafty with your KraftyBlok! Check out the Diamond Tech Crafts Creative Corner to find more glass block projects and visit the store finder to locate a dealer near you!

What are some fun and unique ways you decorate with your KraftyBlok? Please share with us and post your ideas and images in the comments section!

Weekender Project: Upcycled Wine BottlesVase

Upcycled Bottle Polkadot Vase What a way to be green! Turn an old wine bottle into a new vase or planter. Embellished with etching cream and silver foil, perfect for home décor or to give as a gift.

Download the instructions for this upcycled bottle vase from Diamond Tech and find more upcycling bottle projects in our Creative Corner.

Do you have any fun ideas for upcycled bottle projects? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section, we love hearing from you!

Fusing with Featured Artist Svetlana Kunina

fused glass and metal heart pendantThis month our featured artist is Svetlana Kunina an artist who makes beautiful fused glass and metal work! She is featuring the Diamond Tech Fuseworks Microwave Kiln in her book Stunning Jewelry Made Easy due out in October. We just cant wait to make one of her beautiful designs!



How did you get started in glass fusing?

• First, I started making one-of-a-kind glass beads on a torch. Then, as I worked more and more with glass I became interested in fusing, creating different designs, playing with shapes and color combinations.

Why did you get started in glass fusing?

• I already had all the necessary equipment and it was the most logical thing to do. I had a lot of inspiration from geometrical shapes and designs that I was already making in beadweaving, so it was an interesting addition to my designs.

 How have your other interests/hobbies/career influenced your glass designs?

• Mostly lampwork beads that I was making, there is always something that doesn’t turn out the way you want it or develops a crack.  Fusing gives me another possibility of how turn it into something beautiful. I also, incorporate fused pieces into beadwork and that adds a unique touch to the whole piece.

What inspires you?

• Glass and metals are fascinating materials to work with, there are so many things possible and I love to push boundaries and experiment by combing different mediums. This challenge is very inspirational to me.

 What makes your work unique from everyone else’s?

•  My perspective, I sometimes see things from a different angle. Also, my cultural background, growing up in Russia was a great experience, rich culture and art & craft traditions.  Travelling in countries around Europe and USA brought an interesting influence, so it’s like a mixture of different elements that need to be balanced.

 Who’s work, glass or otherwise, do you most admire?

• It’s hard to pinpoint, there are so many talented artists out there. I love Sarah Hornik’s Glass Beads, Beadwork of NanC Fused Glass and Copper Artifact by Svetlana KuninaMeinhardt, she was one of my teachers. Kate McKinnon’s work – just to name a few.

 Do you sell your work? If so, where?

• On my web site www.NecessaryJewelry.com and in galleries, boutiques, art shows.

 What are some upcoming exhibits/shows that you are excited about?

•  I am planning to do more shows next year. This and last year I primarily concentrated my efforts on my new book, Stunning Jewelry Made Easy due out in October 2011.

What advice would you give other artists?

• Apply your unique vision to everything you create. Stay different. Study different techniques and make them part of your designs. Observe what other Artists are doing and learn from experience. Keep an open mind.

Contact Svetlana Kunina:

Svetlana Kunina Artist Designer Educator Necessary Jewelrywww.NecessaryJewelry.com

www.BeadKnots.com  – web site that sells Patterns to her original designs