Handy Mosaic Clean Up Tips

MosaicsI love working on mosaics and when I’m creating, I sort of zone out and go into a happy creating mood and don’t snap out of it until my mosaic project is done. When I finally awaken from my mosaic trance I look around my workbench and realize that I need to clean up my mess. Clean up doesn’t have to be a drag, use these fun tips so you can spend more time creating art and less time creating a mess!

  1. If you have one handy, use a paint-can opener to get into the corners and can scrape along perfectly to remove excess grout from your mosaic project. 
  2. To clean up those annoying little glass shards, grab an adhesive lint brush and roll away.
  3. An even easier clean up tip for glass shards: for less than $10 you can purchase a computer vacuum to pick up all that debris.
  4. Skip clean up all together and nip your tile right over a shopping bag, no clean-up= more time for crafting!
  5. Vinegar works wonderfully for cleaning up a set mosaic and it’s much cheaper than most cleaners too.
  6. Another vinegar tip: if you don’t like to grout your mosaics with gloves, restore the pH balance to your skin by rinsing your hands with vinegar!

               Mosaic stepping stone                                   Mosaics

Be sure to check out Diamond Tech Crafts for more great tips and fun mosaic projects.  

What are your favorite clean up tips? We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment and share with us.


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