How Do You Choose the Best Glass Cutter?

We all know having the right tool is key when creating, but how do you know which tool is best for you? When it comes to cutting glass for your stained glass creations there are a few options to choose from. Lets go over the most popular hand  tools!

Brass Pencil Grip Glass Cutter

Acrylic Pencil Grip Glass Cutter

Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

Steel Wheel Glass Cutter – the steel wheel cutter is held the same way as the pencil grip. You don’t need oil to cut with this tool and there is a glass breaking tool at the opposite end of the cutting wheel so you wouldn’t necessarily need a glass breaker when using this tool too. Kinda like a two for one deal! The steel wheel is usually the most economic choice as well.

 Steel Wheel Glass Cutter

To see these glass cutters in action take a look at our quick video on glass cutters.

Find a local retailer  to get a feel for which is best yourself and to find fun stained glass projects and how-to videos visit the Diamond Tech Creative Corner.

If you have any questions about glass cutting we will be happy to answer, just ask in the comments section below!

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