Ahead of the Curve: Tips for Creating Beautiful Mosaics on Curved Surfaces

Curved Mosaic Vase MosaicSometimes creating mosaics on a surface that is  convex or concave, upright or just not flat and level can be very challenging to say the least. But hang in there because  the challenge is so worth the reward when your project is finished. Use these tips for apply mosaics to  those pesky curved surfaces and you’ll find that those weird surfaces are no hassle at all.


• To make a piece of flat glass fit against a curved surface, nip the glass or tile into small pieces to conform to the curve. By using this technique you can apply glass or tile to almost any object, flat or curved.

 Mosaic Garden Balls Curved mosaic

• Use a bag of rice, dried beans or an old pillow to rest rounded objects on to prevent rolling during the mosaic process.


• Use thick multi-purpose adhesive or quick dry glue while you work on small areas at a time when Mosaic Eggsadding tesserae to a curved surface to keep the pieces from sliding and to allow the area to dry faster.




• An alternative to the previous tip is to apply your mosaic piece to contact paper and then apply it to the curved surface after applying adhesive, if you are apply a mosaic to a vase or a similar cylindrical piece, tape the adjoining ends of contact paper to hold in place

 Mosaic Vase

•If the surface you are using is smooth or slick, try lightly sanding the surface. Wipe the surface with a lint free cloth to remove any dust or debris.


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