How to Apply an Image on a KraftyBlok

KraftyBlok Image ArtSo you want to put a photo on a KraftyBlok? You could tape the photo on… but then the photo will fall off. You could glue the photo on, but then you’ll have all sorts of sticky stuff everywhere and you’ll see the glue through the KraftyBlok. Well low and behold your solution is simple. To permanently set a photo onto a KraftyBlok, all you need is KraftyBlok Image Art. Applying the Image Art is super easy, follow these steps and you will surely have success.

  1. Make sure you have a Laser Printer or have access to one.
  2. Scan your image or find it on your computer and fit it to fit inside the Image Art paper size; 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ , print your image from a laser printer and carefully trim the excess paper.
  3. Clean your pretty little KraftyBlok, we don’t want a little residue getting in the way of our image now do we?
  4. Drop the Image Art Paper in water – distilled is best if you have it but not necessary – and allow to soak for 30 seconds or until the transfer starts to slip away from the backing
  5. Place the transfer over the KraftyBlok and slowly – (like tortoise slow) pull the backing away from the transfer and pat dry
  6. Optional – To permanently set your image bake in an oven – toaster oven will work beautifully – for 15 minutes at 345 and let cool for 20 minutes

That’s it, I know super easy huh!? Watch the video below to see for yourself how easy it is and be sure to check out the Diamond Tech Creative Corner for project ideas and instructions.

8 thoughts on “How to Apply an Image on a KraftyBlok

  1. Margaret Bennett says:

    HI I want to know which decal is the best that the image will not smear I want the best quality . And I can’t print if I don’t have a laser I have a Epson printer
    Can you help me with CIsink a4 paper it says is good for light colors tried it didn’t work. Thank you

    • Diamond Tech Crafts says:

      Getting the best image possible when laser printing To the KraftyBlok Image Art Paper really depends on the quality of your laser printer and the quality of the image file you are printing. We recommend that the graphics you print are as high resolution possible as to avoid pixelated images. Unfortunately at this time we can not recommend a specific model or brand of printer to use with our KraftyBlok Image Art product, just make sure it is a Laser printer.

    • Diamond Tech Crafts says:

      “KraftyBlok Image Art” is the paper being used to print to. It’s our own proprietary formulated water-slide decal paper that comes in a package of five 8.50” x 5.50″ sheets and must be used with a laser printer. You can find the link to the product HERE

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