Tips for Cutting Stained Glass with a Bandsaw

Diamond blade band saws can help you create beautiful cuts for your stained glass pieces and help you avoid a lot of hand cutting, grozing and grinding. Keep these helpful tips in mind when you are cutting stained glass pieces with a band saw.



  1. When cutting most materials, the highest blade speed will usually result in fast and smooth cutting. Use a slower speed when working with delicate materials or a very tight turning radius.
  2. Always have an even flow of water to your diamond blade when cutting glass.
  3. Do not force glass into the blade. Ease the materials into the blade, turning as you go to create your pattern. Avoid twisting the blade on tight curves.
  4. To back out of a cut, turn the saw off and ease the glass away from the blade.
  5. Use a waterproof pen to mark your pattern on your glass. For added protection allow the ink to dry and use a Chap Stick over line before cutting. A little bit of alcohol or vinegar will take that waterproof marker right off!
  6. Two or more pieces of glass may be cut at the same time by stacking them together and using “tacky wax” or double sided tape to hold glass in place. If using glue or tape, always clean your diamond blade after use by running a clean piece of glass or tile through blade.

One thought on “Tips for Cutting Stained Glass with a Bandsaw

  1. Eloisa Bison says:

    I’m still learning from you, while I’m improving myself. I certainly enjoy reading everything that is posted on your blog.Keep the information coming. I enjoyed it!

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