What Can I Use To Decorate a KraftyBlok


Glass Crafting BlockThere are so many things you can do with a KraftyBlok, I posted our top five a while back.  With all of these great ways to use a KraftyBlok  how in the world can you decorate it?

 I’ll go over some materials you can use to decorate your KraftyBlok.



  • Applying a Photo/Image with Image Art – I recently posted instructions to permanently set an image on your KraftyBlok, for instructions check out this post on how to apply an image to a KraftyBlok
  • Mosaicing – Applying a mosaic is a great way to embellish your KraftyBlok, especially if you’re aiming to make a nightlight or a lamp, the light shines through very nicely – we featured a KraftyBlok nightlight not too long ago, for instruction check out this post
  • Applying Vinyl – this is a very cool technique we found searching the internet one day, the great thing about vinyl is that its applies smoothly and is easily removed, so if you don’t like your design you can remove it very easily
  • Stamping and Embossing – if you like embossing on paper, you’ll love the look of embossed designs on a KraftyBlok
  • Decoupage – one of the easiest ways to decorate a KraftyBlok is to decoupage it, although it’s not as permanent as the KraftyBlok Image Art, it’s a great way to add design and texture with paper.
  • Etching – Who doesn’t love an etched design, and you can get that great look on your Kraftyblok with etching cream
  • Painting –some of my favorite projects we have done over the years has involved paint whether you paint on your design or make an image pop after using the Image Art method, paint is always a great decorator
  • Ribbons, buttons, trinkets… well really anything you can get your hands on!

Be sure to check out the Diamond Tech Creative Corner for project ideas and instructions.



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