Eco Crafting Has Turned Me Into a Diversified Drinker!

Have you ever bought a bottle of wine just because of the beautiful artwork on the label or shape of the bottle? I know it isn’t very rational but I do it all the time.

Now that I work with the G2 Bottle Cutter I am looking a beer, wine and liquor bottles in a whole new way. I used to only purchase wine based on the flavor profile and vintage but now I am looking at the labels and shapes of the bottles and not only thinking about how delicious the wine will be but what I can create with the bottle. I am trying new flavor profiles of wines I would have never thought of trying all because I want to craft with the bottle! Call me crazy, but glass crafting has opened my eyes (and more importantly my taste-buds) to a world of new flavors! In fact, my new favorite wine came from a project inspiration! There are so many fun projects that you can make with old bottles! Check out the video below to get an idea of just how easy it is to cut bottles with the G2 Bottle Cutter.

Find the G2 Bottle Cutter in a craft retailer near you and get inspired with some fun and crafty upcycled bottle projects in the Diamond Tech Creative Corner.

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