Festive Thanksgiving Glass Decor Inspiration

Whew, Thanksgiving is only a week away, boy time sure does fly when you are crafting all the time! If you have been slacking on décor (like me) take a gander at these dining table enhancers and Thanksgiving Décor Inspirations and get crafting! All of these projects (and many more) can be found in the Diamond Tech Creative Corner. Click on the images to find the instructions for each project.

Mosaic over an old vase and bring life to the table!

Add some glass gems to some old bottles for festive candle holders!

KraftyBloks make great holiday decor pieces!

One of my favorites! Serve up some fruit and cheese in these upcycled glass domes!

This fused glass bottle stopper makes a great hostess gift and its great to make for your own bottles too!

Such a cute way to add a glow to your tablescape!

I know, another candle holder project… I just love the warm glow of candles in fall!

Find more projects in the Diamond Tech Creative Corner and to find Diamond Tech Craft products in a retailer near you, check out our store locator!

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