Fusing Decals with the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln

Have you ever seen a glass pendant or pin with a pretty flower or butterfly image on it? Achieving this effect with Fuseworks Decals is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow the quick and easy steps below to fuse decals to your fused glass pieces. Check out the line of decals here. To learn more about the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln check out this post and for a few helpful fusing tips be sure to read this post about fusing.

  1. Prep – Cut out the desired shape, soak in water for 30 seconds and slide the decal on to a prefused piece of glass – make sure the glass is completely dry before you fuse
  2. Fire – Place the glass on a 2×2 piece of kiln paper in the center of your Fuseworks Microwave Kiln base and using the guide below – fire the glass – if your decal isn’t fused yet you will see the color and shape of your decal if it is fully fused – if not you will see a white silhouette– fire at 15 second intervals at 100% power until your glass is fully fused


    1200 100% 2 minutes

    1100 100% 2½ minutes

    800 100% 4 minutes

  3. Cool – Let your glass cool for at least 30 minutes inside the Microwave Kiln but don’t peek or

This video will give you a good idea as to how its done.


For lots of fun fusing projects, head over to the Diamond Tech Creative Corner and check out the store locator to find Diamond Tech Products in your area.

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