Deck the Halls with KraftyBloks!

KraftyBloks make great holiday décor! Here are a few KraftyBloks we have created. If you aren’t sure what you can make with a KraftyBlok or how you can decorate one check out these posts What Can I make with a KraftyBlok and How Can I Decorate a KraftyBlok and check out the tutorials by clicking the pictures below for inspiration!

Silly Billy the Snowman – with three KraftyBloks and some spare buttons and cloth you can make a cute indoor snowman or snowgal!

Night Before Christmas Victorian Scene – all you need is a little faux snow and some Christmas figurines and you have a pretty shadowbox!

Noel KraftyBlok – Do you love Christmas? Why not spell it out! Make a pretty set of lamps!

Christmas Tree Accent Light – KraftyBloks make such a cute medium for a lamp, I can’t resist adding another one! Mosaic a Christmas tree on your KraftyBlok!

You can find more fun KraftyBlok projects in the Diamond Tech Creative Corner and to find KraftyBloks in a store near you use our store locator!

Happy Crafting!


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