5 Tips for Choosing Glass Blocks for Crafting

glass block craftI know that nowadays there are a few choices when it comes to picking out a glass crafting block, however,  most of them are exactly the same and not very far off from the thick and heavy industrial glass building blocks – sure they are  great for building structures, but let’s get real here, most of us aren’t building walls and windows with our glass blocks are we!

 Here are a few tips to help you sort out the glass blocks that are far off from being craft quality and choose the glass block that is right for you – aka The Original KraftyBlok.


  1. Look for the glass blocks with a smooth surface to get the most use out of your block. The Original KraftyBlok has a smooth, flat surface. The others have a rippled, bumpy surface – just like the industrial building blocks; look, this is only a great quality when you need to distort something or if you are going for the ice cube look, if you want craft a vase, frame, shadowbox, mosaic, or even adhere anything to your glass block without it looking distorted or bumpy.
  2. Look for a glass blocks with a pre-drilled hole. The Original KraftyBlok has a pre-drilled hole. Other glass blocks are not drilled, which means you need to be equipped with glass drilling tools  and a ton of patience to add lights or images to the interior. There really isn’t much you can do with a glass block  if you are missing a hole.
  3. Peel the corner of the label on the glass block up. If you can easily peel up the corner, then you are looking at the Original KraftyBlok, if you tear the corner, oops walk away and pretend it never happened. KraftyBloks have easy to peel labels which are especially convenient if you like to start your project immediately. Other blocks have labels that require soaking, scraping and scrubbing. Who wants to clean before you craft, I sure don’t!
  4. Check out the manufacture’s website for project ideas. You will find that many manufacturers only offer a few ideas on how to craft with glass blocks. Diamond Tech has a whole section of their website devoted to KraftyBlok projects in the Creative Corner and their creative team is always working on new project to add.
  5. Make sure you are shopping in a craft and hobby or art specific store. This may seem a little obvious to some but this is where you will definitely find the largest supply of glass blocks and as an added bonus the larger craft stores always have coupons that you can use to buy glass blocks!

Be sure to check out all of the KraftyBlok Projects in the Creative Corner by clicking here and to find KraftyBloks in a store near you, be sure to check out the store locator. If you need a few ideas on how to use your glass blocks for crafting be sure to read our blog on how to craft with a KraftyBlok and decorating a KraftyBlok.


4 thoughts on “5 Tips for Choosing Glass Blocks for Crafting

  1. ted says:

    you’re not serious with this info…#1) an American Made Glass Block …YES MADE IN THE USA BLOCk has clear face, Vue Pattern, if a consumer, crafter wants it. You’re showing a wavy block which the pattern is on th inside, not the outside.. Be fair when reporting information and not play the “used care salesman” technique! #2) The US manufacturer also make a block with a hole. #3) Peel a label…you’re really working hard now! #4) Thx for your web site for ideas…however just google glass block crafting and you’ll find many ideas. #5) Many of the chains carry glass block MADE IN THE USA…NOT china!

    • Diamond Tech Crafts says:

      We appreciate your comments and would like to take a moment to respond to them.

      #1 You are correct, glass crafting blocks do have a clear face. But a majority of them have a rippled interior which will distort an image when placed inside the block. The KraftyBlok will not, so it’s great for displaying pictures and keepsakes with clear visibility. We are not saying other blocks are bad, we are just pointing out the features and benefits of our KraftyBlok.

      #2 Most glass crafting blocks do have holes. However, we are letting the consumer know that the KraftyBlok has a large 4 ½” x 1 1/8” opening, perfect for floral arrangements.

      #3 We believe the peel off label is an asset for a busy crafter. Evidently you haven’t tried to remove a label from a glass bottle or block lately, it can be trying and time consuming.

      #4 Thanks for the comment regarding our website. We believe in inspiring our crafters!

      Last but not least #5, Where the glass block is made does not necessary have anything to do with its quality, features or benefits. A educated consumer should know the features and benefits of the products they are purchasing, don’t you agree?

      We are very proud of the KraftyBlok and we are sorry that our comments upset you. That was not the intention, our intention was to educate the consumer on the feature and benefits of our block.

      Happy New Years!

    • Diamond Tech Crafts says:

      Hi Janice,

      Unfortunately, our KraftyBloks are generally only sold in the USA due to the high cost of shipping. You might want to try ordering from a US retailer like delphiglass.com, however please be advised that if you do, the shipping may end up costing more than the actual product.

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