Look who got a Golden Press Kit Award!


CHA celebrated the best of the best in original product design and creative communication tactics judged by CHA Staff, consultants and members of the press, as part of theInnovations Showcase, Exhibiting with Excellence and Golden Press Kit award competitions held at CHA’s 2012 Winter Conference & Trade Show in Anaheim, Calif.
“At CHA, we’re always looking for ways to showcase truly innovative product designs at our trade shows that can help shape the industry and spark new trends,” says CHA CEO Andrej Suskavcevic.  “The creativity demonstrated by these winning companies in both their products and public displays helps set a standard for excellence at the show, and in the industry.”


The Innovations Showcase brings together the newest ideas and hottest products from exhibiting companies judges by CHA’s panel of celebrity judges, including Terri O, PBS-TV’s Super Simple With Terri O and CHA spokesperson; Jenn…

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Weekender Project: Adorable Penguin Glass Bead

Still feeling that nip in the air? This fancy fella  just might warm your workspace and even melt your heart , afterall he is made with a torch! This Emperor Penguin bead would make a great focal bead on earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The instructions for this adorable penguin glass bead can be found here or in our Creative Corner along with more glass craft projects.

3 Ways to Make an “Oops” Work When Making Glass Beads

Trust me, I am no stranger to making mistakes and flubbing glass beads when I am torch firing, the fact that I am still a beginner and I am very impatient probably has a lot to do with this. I have learned, however, to embrace, cover up and or learn from my little mistakes.


  1. Embrace your mistakes! The most common mistake I make is over firing or burning my glass, especially with filigree (vibrant color, encased in clear glass) leaving a wispy, smoky look.  Sometimes the smoky look works out and you’ll find marbled swirls of grey and black encased in clear. Use these as accent beads with solid black or clear beads.  
  2. Cover up your mistakes! The handiest tools I have are my graphite paddle and parallel press! Sometimes I use them for their intended purpose like adding texture and shaping a bead. But their added bonus is that you can hide a little mistake too. If you dislike the pattern you create or you add too much or too little color, you can change the look of your malformed bead very quickly by flattening the molten bead with a parallel press or change the texture with a graphite paddle or even swirling your colors with a rake!
  3. Learn from your mistakes! I figured out that a lot of my pattern/texture mistakes came from the way I had my tools and glass laid out- rearrange your workspace to figure out what works for you. I also started the difficult practice of timing myself and I made a little chart with the time it takes to create an optimal bead and the time it takes to burn one.  

Check out the Diamond Tech Creative Corner for some fun glass bead making projects and check back every week for more glass craft tips and tricks.

CHA Winter 2012 Sneak Peek 2 of 2: Antiquity Mosaic Kits

We are so excited about the CHA Winter 2012 show that we just can’t wait to show off some of what we have in store! Last week we showed you our new G2 Bottle Art  Kits.

This week we bring you the most inclusive mosaic kits on the market; the Antiquity Mosaics Clock Kit and Antiquity Mosaics Catchall Kit! We are so excited about these two amazing mosaic kits that we have built our CHA Winter theme around them!

Each kit contains a sustainable wood surface, a full-sized tile nipper, three Greco-Roman patterns ranging from easy to difficult, real marble tile, grout, mosaic glue, and everything you need to create a stylish clock or catchall!

If you are attending the 2012 CHA Winter show, come by and visit us at booth #1011  and check out our exciting new products!