5 Creative Uses for Glass Bottle Scraps

I am hooked on upcycling all of my glass bottles with the G2 Bottle Cutter, so hooked that I have started to develop a slightly guilty feeling every time I don’t use a whole bottle in one project or in a few projects. I have amassed a nice collection of bases and tops and rings; I would call them leftovers. I consider myself a pretty waste less person now that I am an upcycling crafter so I decided to do some hard thinking and come up with a few uses for those daunting leftovers and by golly, I think I’ve got a few.


  1. Use a wheeled tile nipper to cut down your scrap rings and use them in a mosaic or use them to decorate and add texture your glass bottles.
  2. Use the bottom of your bottle as a drink coaster or a candle saucer or in the kitchen as a spoon rest.
  3. If you have a standard kiln or Fuseworks Microwave kiln, use the bottle glass to make fused glass pendants – but make sure you only use glass from the same bottles with each piece as the COE varies between glass manufacturers and mixing COEs doesn’t work, take a look at this tutorial for a good firing log for the Fuseworks Kiln.
  4. If you have a large base remaining, sand the edge and use it as a pen holder at your desk or a utensil holder in the kitchen  – I like to use mine to sort my glass rods for lampworking!
  5. Use your bottle top as a funnel!

I hope these tips inspire you to get the most out of your upcycled glass bottles. For project inspiration, check out the Diamond tech Creative Corner and to find the G2 Bottle Cutter in a store near you, be sure to stop by our store locator.

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