3 Easy Tips for Adding a Pop to Your Stepping Stones

Not all stepping stones need to be plain! There are plenty of ways to make your garden sparkle!  What better time to start sprucing up those stones than now! If you don’t have any stepping stones, fear not they are super easy to make and if you do have a few, they are fun to embellish too.

Whether you are creating a stepping stone from scratch or sprucing up a drab garden store stone, you have tons of opportunity to throw in some creativity.

  1. If you are staring from scratch, add colorant to your concrete mix – by adding colorant you can change the color of the stone to complement or contrast the stained glass and mosaic tiles you are using or you can marbelize the stone and give it swirls of color! Check out this video for an easy guide to making a stepping stone from scratch.
  2. If you are using an old stone or using the direct method to dress up your new homemade stone, use colorant in your grout to give the mosaic a cool contrast or complementing color scheme.
  3. Create a  fun and funky mosaic for your stone with stained glass, venetian-style glass and ceramic tiles or use these combinations to get a special look ;
  • add iridized glass, gold veined tiles or mirrored glass to reflect light and add pizzazz to your design
  • use marble tiles – like Antiquity Mosaics to give your stone  an old Greco-Roman feel
  • use shells, stones and pebbles to give it a natural look
  • old china and stoneware or even Vintage Mosaics look stunning in a tea garden stepping stone
  • try adding custom glass tiles like ones made from My Tile Kits  – you can add pictures and artwork to make a truly special stone  – read this tutorial to see just how easy it is!    


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