7 Ways to Spruce Up an Upcycled Glass Bottle

There is no hiding it, upcyling is all around us and there are so many wonderful projects that you can make with glass bottles and some spare supplies. But how can you decorate a glass bottle? We got 9 ways to inspire you to put your creative touch on your old glass bottles and start reusing them today!

  • KraftyBlok Image Art – use KraftyBlok Image Art to create a custom wine label, add your own photos or use your original artwork to give your upcycled glass bottle a new look
  • Copper foil – wrap copper foil on the edges of your glass bottle to give it a pretty finish or cut shapes out of copper foil shapes to add a design to you bottles.
  • Mosaic – use bits of other cut glass bottles or stained glass chips, ceramic tiles or any other tesserae to mosaic the whole bottle or just a portion of it.
  • Decoupage – decoupage your favorite scrapbook paper, photos or original art to the bottle
  • Etching – use etching cream to add a motif or pattern on your bottle
  • Yarn, Hemp or Jute – use a natural fiber cord to wrap around the top or the base of the bottle to give it a nautical feel
  • Solder and beads – use a decorative solder technique to add detail to the top of the cut bottle, solder wire to the rim and add a few glitzy beads too!

Find tutotials for most of these projects in our Creative Corner. If you need help cutting your glass bottles, check out this blog post on cutting glass bottles. Find the G2 Bottle Cutter in a store near you.


One thought on “7 Ways to Spruce Up an Upcycled Glass Bottle

  1. Elaine Plumridge says:

    Thank you for sharing these great ideas… I first saw a post on you tube for the up cycled glass jars, using solder and beads… but then could not re- find it, and it took me ages to find your blog. I did my first upcycled beaded glass jar yesterday! It turned out great, but practice makes perfect.

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