Springtime Garden Crafts – Mosaics

Springtime spells garden crafts and we just can’t get enough mosaics in the garden, here are  five of our favorite garden mosaic craft projects. All of these awesome mosaic projects can be found in our creative corner.  Be sure to visit the store locator to find Jennifer’s Mosaic’s in a craft and hobby store near you. Which one is your favorite? Are you creating any mosaics this spring, leave us a comment and tell us all about it!

  • Mosaic Birdhouse – a colorful way to attract a family of birds – this pattern even includes a little flower box
  • Mosaic Watering Can – proof that you can really spruce up anything with mosaics!
  • Antiquity Mosaic Stepping Stone – this understated stepping stone is perfect for spring, its green color will encourage the spring flowers to emerge
  • Ladybug Table – who doesn’t love a pretty mosaic table – perfect for afternoon tea or breakfast in the garden
  • Tipsy Pots – decorate some drab pots and turn them in to a funky fun planter!

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