Mixed Media Upcycling – Glass Bottles, Paper, Plastic and More

While we were developing the G2 Bottle Cutter and Bottle Art Kits, I got a great chance to get really creative with glass bottles, creating tons of projects from functional décor to fabulous art! To get an idea of what I’m talking about – visit our Creative Corner!

Now that I have a few glass bottle projects under my belt, I have been considering mixing more mediums into my designs, and I can’t shed the thought of using anything other than repurposed material. I love the fact that I subscribe to a variety of crafter’s blogs and twitter feeds; it gives me a great opportunity to see how I can use other mediums in my glass work! I have been looking at tons of other projects to create that require a bit of upcycling.

I am currently hooked on upcycling magazines and books into wall art  and functional pieces, one of my absolute favorite blog posts is by Melissa Marro check it our here. Melissa painted her magazine art, but I also love the look of the natural print colors showing, it sort of creates a mosaic effect! I have even seen garbage cans, bowls, frames and bookshelves made from magazines!

I love  fusing my glass bottles, like in this project. So naturally,  fusing plastic bag wallets and reusable bags is right up my alley – there is a completely different procedure when it comes to plastic bags but I love it, a really great tutorial for this can be found here.

Even toilet paper and paper towel rolls can look totally awesome around the house, just cut, glue and paint, like in this project.

Finally, I love the look restyling old t-shirts and using them for yarn or even wall art!

Projects like these remind me constantly that there are practically free crafting materials all around us; you just have to get a little creative with them! Now I just have to figure out a way to incorporate them into my upcycled glass projects! What do you like to upcycle, share with us in a comment below!


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