Weekender Project: Recycled Glass Bottle Ringed Sculpture

Sometimes being green isn’t just a way of life or a statement, it can be a work of art too! Earth Day is celebrated every year to remind us to that we need to be conscious of our decisions about what we throw away every day. What better way to start being green this year than by turning your trash into art!

Did you know that some bottles take over 4000 years to decompose in a landfill, just imagine all that landfill space you could be freeing up, not to mention – making your own decor is much less expensive than buying it!

Stop tossing those perfectly good glass bottles and jars in the trash and start using them to make awesome art and home decor! Try this Ringed Sculpture, the instructions can be downloaded here – all you will need is a G2 Bottle Cutter, adhesive, and old frame and about 5-6 bottles or jars of different colors to make the one in the photo and if you are like me, you can gather that from one or two week’s worth of groceries! You may have leftover rings, but you still don’t have to discard them, you can make plenty of other projects like a mosaic or a windchime.

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