Weekender Project – Upcycled Brew Glass

Have you ever heard someone day “beer tastes better in a glass”? I think its true, whether from a glass bottle or drinking glass, beer does taste better from a glass! This chalice is perfect for a pilsner or an ale – hey, why buy your drinking glasses, when you can make them – from bottles!

Did you know that last year Americans tosses over 1.5 million tons of glass in the trash! Imagine how much space those bottles are taking up in the landfill, now imagine how much space would be freed if everyone made their own drinking glasses! Less waste + more money in your pocket = a more enjoyable beer, am I wrong?

Find the instructions for this awesome brew glass here and when your done, check out our New Bottle Art Kits – we’ve combined everything you need to make a luminary, garden keeper, windchime or a keepsake box.

Visit our Creative Corner for more fun green projects and join us on Facebook for great crafting tips, projects and news. Looking for the G2 Bottle Cutter and Bottle Art Kits in your area? Check out our store finder to purchase one near you.


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