Mosaics – Nipping Marble Tiles

I think marble tile looks beautiful in mosaics, in fact, it’s one of my favorite tesserae to work with. I must caution though– it’s addictive to work with; with such naturally blending colors and beautiful veining it’s hard for me to stop.

When it comes to nipping, marble tile needs a different touch than glass tile, but fear not, these guidelines will help you get the best nip.

These guidelines really  only apply if you are using thin marble, like Antiquity Mosaic’s marble tiles  – if you are using anything over 8mm like what you may find in a home improvement store  may be too dense to nip and you will have to resort to using a hammer and hardie – like they did around the time mosaics first came about.

  • Unlike most glass tile, where you will most likely be using a wheeled glass nipper – you will find that the most efficient and effective tool to nip marble with is a tile nipper
  • There can be a bit of variance when nipping marble between and among colors. Since marble is a natural material, there are bound to be natural differences even within the same color tiles, some pieces may be considerably soft or hard based on natural differences, take this into consideration when nipping marble and note that sometimes you may have trouble and it won’t be due to user error.
  • To cut down on user error issues when you are nipping marble always use a firm grip to clinch the nipper’s jaws – if you are nip to lightly the marble can crumble
  • Because of the variance in the hardness of the marble, the best way to nip marble is by centering the tile between the jaws so that the entire cut line is covered – check out this video for a helpful guide
  • Relax and take a few breaks when nipping marble, especially if creating mosaics takes you to your zen place like me!

Head on over to our Creative Corner to check out some great marble mosaic projects and take a look at our new Antiquity Mosaic Kits while you are there – they contain everything you need to make a spectacular marble mosaic!

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