Mosaics in Sculpture Park

Back in January we made a donation of mosaic tiles to Tyler Tate, a Boy Scout from Troop 1 in Roseville, CA. Tyler is working towards his Eagle Scout rank and last fall he decided to embark on a major a great community project with Roseville Arts to revitalize Sculpture Park.


From 1993 to 2003 the city sponsored a contest for local children to create designs for bronze plaques to be placed on stanchions in Sculpture Park but in the summer of 2010 vandals stole and damaged nearly a third of the original 96 bronze plaques so city officials decided to relocate the plaques to prevent any further vandalization. In the spirit of the original contest, Tyler arranged a contest for fifth graders in the city to create mosaic designs to fill the void that the vandalized plaques left.


In January, 96 winners were chosen and the kids started on their mosaics, creating wonderful wildlife themed designs! Over 1300 community service hours have gone into revitalizing the park so far. Can you believe that 5th graders created these mosaics! What a great job! 


Way to go Tyler! We are so proud to have been a part of this project! To read more about Roseville Arts and the revitalization click here!

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