Creating Stepping Stones with the Kids

Stepping stones make great projects for kids to create over the long summer months; they are super easy and are a great way to create or commemorate a wonderful summer memory!

Using the indirect method to create a stepping stone is a breeze because you don’t need to worry about gluing tiles and grouting after the stone sets and its even easier when you use mosaic tiles like venetian glass, classico, charmers, deco ceramic, gems and wiggles because they are  pre-cut so you don’t need to nip them and they don’t have sharp edges so they are perfect for little fingers. 

 Use wiggles and gems for a whimsical look, deco ceramic and charmers to add shapes like butterflies, hearts and flowers and classico and venetian glass for tons of color – use them all together to make a one of a kind design or check out our creative corner for some great projects!

All it takes is three easy steps to create a unique mosaic stepping stone using just a few materials; mosaic tile, stone cement a mold and contact paper.

  1. Create a mosaic on contact paper and place it glass side up into the mold.
  2. Mix the stone cement and fill the mold 7/8 of the way up
  3. Let the stone set overnight and pop it out of the mold – don’t forget to let the stone cure for 28 days before setting it outdoors!

Check out our post from a few weeks ago to find some great stepping stone tips and an expanded how to guide and be sure to find us on Facebook for more great summer projects!

2 thoughts on “Creating Stepping Stones with the Kids

  1. Ger says:


    Can’t wait to try this craft-I have 10 pounds of tile pieces being delivered as I write this!

    I wondered if anybody has a link to purchase the Diamond Tech Flower Pot Hanging kit featured in the mosaic tea cup bird feeder @ I have not had any luck as of yet and sure could use some help-I am hosting a craft at a small library for 15 crafters…

    Thanks a bunch!!

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