Weekender Project: Fused Glass Garden Cuties

Summer is a great time to relax in the garden, add a little interest to yours with a few adorable plant stakes! Normally, I’m not a fan of bugs, but I wouldn’t mind having these cuties around!

Use these instructions to make a lady bug, butterfly or a dragonfly and a swell nametag for your plants! And the best part is you don’t need to heat up the whole house to fuse these little guys, all you need is your microwave and a Fuseworks kiln!

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Make a Mosaic for the Birds

Who ever said mosaics were just meant for our enjoyment? Make a mosaics that is just for the birds this summer! We have plenty of ideas that will keep the birds flocking to your yard (pun intended!) Keep the songbirds singing all year with these welcoming projects.

Use a pre-made wooden base or some old dishes to build your own style of bird house for some chirpy friends, like this Charming Mosaic Bird House or this French Cottage Birdhouse


or welcome the birds to the garden with a few well placed bird themed stepping stones like this Lovebirds Stepping Stone or this Springtime Bird Stepping Stone.


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Weekender Project: Upcycles Seaside Votive Holder

Summer is the perfect time of year to spend a day at the beach basking in the glow of the sun and sipping delicious drinks (you know, the tropical ones with the tiny umbrellas) in the sand! That is, unless the beach is overcrowded  or you live in a faraway beachless town or you don’t know when you will ever see your vacation.

Oh, beach smeach  – who needs one to relax, create your own beach atmosphere and save all the hassle of getting there! This seaside votive holder will have you relaxing out back sipping mai tais and pina coloadas in no time.

Create this seaside votive holder using a large and small wine bottle and a beer bottle, throw in some sand, beachy trinkets and a calming candle and your beachy paradise will  literally be right around the corner! Find the complete instructions for this upcycled candle holder here and find more fantastic summer projects in our Creative Corner.