Cut Out Waste with the Precision 2000 Band Saw

Upcycled Mixed Media Using Paint, Metal, Glass and Wood

Spring is near and I say it’s about time we start showing the season a little love and since mixed media projects are all the rage, we’re going to share with you one of our most recent mixed media projects, Cut Out Waste.

This panel incorporates mdf board, glass, copper came, solder, wood and paint. It was created mostly using scraps, and believe it or not, all of the materials were cut to size using a single tool… The Precision 2000 Bandsaw – the ultimate hobby saw or should I say mixed media art saw!


The Precision 2000 has capabilities of cutting glass, stone, shell and acrylic with the diamond blade; wood, wood composites and leather with the wood blade; and soft, non-ferrous metals with the metal blade so it truly is the perfect tool for mixed media work.

So if you are ready to Cut Out Waste and make some mixed media art, come on over to the Diamond Tech Crafts Creative Corner and take a look at the instructions for the Cut Out Waste Panel.

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