The Electric Mandrel Spinner – A Cure for the Common Lampworker’s Fatigue

craftmdHey there lampworkers, we love your work and we know you love working with the torch! But let’s face it “love hurts!”

Long hours in the flame can result in a lot of “ouchies” from carpal tunnel or general muscle fatigue. Well Dr. Lauren the Craft MD is here to help you feel all better!


I’m writing you a prescription for instant relief – Bearfoot Tools by Studio Pro™ Electric Mandrel Spinner!

This revolutionary cure was designed by glass artist Scott Bouwens specifically to reduce arm, wrist and hand strain while simultaneously increasing productivity. This innovative tool provides a constant spinning motion of the mandrel which equally distributes gravitational pull and controls heat dispersion for well-shaped beads with little effort. The EMS can be used to create twisty canes…fast, tight and easily. Marvering has never been so effortless and you can create multiple even-sided spacers in moments. Mix colors quickly, consistently and bubble free! Tack a stringer to wind around a bead quickly and evenly for consistent spirals, or space dots evenly with speed and accuracy. Fast core-building leaves more time to embellish.

The EMS is available in 5 different models; Original, Original Petite, Midsize, Midsize Petite and Deluxe. It has dual directionality, handy for righties and lefties and perfect for techniques like feathering and raking. The EMS provides three forms of speed control with a range of 65-105 repetitions per minute; a switch for high and low speed control and a rheostat knob for more precise control are located on the power box and a clutch is located on the handle to temporarily slow or stop the mandrel for precise detail work.

You can get your prescription filled at any of our stained glass distributors or retailers in your area and start feeling better TODAY!

To view this revolutionary addition to the Diamond Tech line, head on over to our Bearfoot Tools page  or to find a retailer in your area visit our Dealer Lookup.


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