Win 1 of 3 G2 Bottle Cutters at Craftbits!

G2-Package-LeftWho doesn’t love winning? Crazy question right…

This month you can win and help save the Earth! In addition to the contest we are running here on our blog, Diamond Tech has partnered with Craftbits to give away 3 Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutters! The Craftbits contest runs from today, April 15th until May 15th.

With the G2 Bottle Cutter you can create awesome upcycled home décor like vases, sculptures, terrariums and fun and functional glassware too! The g2 bottle cutter is made from recycled aluminum, so you are keeping more than just glass bottles out of the landfill!

What are you waiting for… enter the Craftbits competition here and don’t forget about our contest ending April 21, enter here!


One thought on “Win 1 of 3 G2 Bottle Cutters at Craftbits!

  1. Elizabeth Berman says:

    I ordered my G2 bottle cutter a few days ago and it arrived today already! The very first wine bottle I cut was perfect, and I didn’t even use the oil on the cutter as recommended, nor the hot/cold water technique. The tapper inside the bottle worked perfectly to crack the glass all the way through. I did not expect perfection on the first try, however I took each step slowly and did as the directions said by scoring the glass only one time around, then adjusted the tapper to touch the score line area inside the bottle and tapped all the way around twice. As I worked I could see the glass separating and I took my time and did not force the glass to separate, only waited for the bottle halves to come apart on their own. A little sanding …. maybe a little more sanding so I don’t cut myself on the glass, and it’s done!
    I’m so pleased with my purchase and want to try other bottles with it soon.

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