Win 1 of 3 Mosaic Butterfly Feeder Kits at Craftbits!

ButterflyFeedKit-RIGHT-FACE-WEBDiamond Tech Crafts has done it again!  We are teaming up with Craftbits to give away one of our newest, most fabulous products yet – the Mosaic Butterfly Feeder Kit! And right now you can WIN one of three kits being given away on

Invite beautiful butterflies into your yard with this mess-free, kid-friendly Mosaic Butterfly Feeder kit. The kit contains a 2 piece reusable feeder mold, cement, sand, upcycled tumbled glass and darling little glass butterflies.
Finished feeders have a recessed well, which can be filled with sand, water and salt. Butterflies are then attracted to the minerals left on the sand after the water evaporates. Once the butterflies know where to find these minerals, they will return regularly! You can enter the Craftbits competition starting today, May 15th through June 15thJust visit the  Craftbits competition here to enter!


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