10 Tips to Help You Keep Those Crafting Resolutions

The arrival of the New Year always brings out our best intentions, but admittedly those intentions often get carried away when the winds of winter change. We found the most common resolutions are to Be More Creative, Get or Stay Organized, and Spend More Time Crafting. Keep these resolutions going the whole year with these ten simple tips!

Resolution 1: Be More Creative

  1. Get Messy – A recent study found that babies who are allowed to sit in their high chair and play with their food and make a mess learned the names of foods faster than babies who were not allowed to play with their food.  Touching objects whether they are solid, liquid or both helps unlock the brain – getting messy with things lets you experiment with what they can do. It doesn’t matter what you get messy with, if it glitter and glue or if its mud – who knows what you’ll create when throw it around!
  2. Sing (or hum if you prefer) – Whether it’s the new pop song, a fun commercial jingle, a kids song or the National Anthem, sing it loud and sing it proud. Be on tune or off key, serious or better yet be silly – make up your own lyrics or sing in a silly voice. Singing can be a great stress reliever and helps you use both side of the brain.
  3. Play a board game like Balderdash, Apples to Apples or Quelf – these games are great at getting the creative juices flowing, especially because they require you to make things up and be silly and you have to play in a group so you and your fellow gamers will be inadvertently learning how one another thinks and bouncing creative ideas off one another.

Resolution 2: Get/Stay Organized

  1. Take baby steps – there’s nothing more intimidating than a big mess! Start with the craft desk or organizing your yarn/scrapbook paper/glass. Do a little at a time, between projects or when you are looking for something specific.
  2. Reuse containers – I am famous for reusing spaghetti sauce jars and storing everything in them – beads, buttons, pens and pencils, nuts and bolts – you name it – if it fits in a jar, it gets organized! I save boxes like a squirrel stashes nuts too – no kidding I have about 10 diaper/baby wipe boxes that I have used to organize paper, ribbon, glue and glass! Don’t like the look of the print on the box? Spray paint them with fun colors or wrap them in wrapping paper.
  3. Create a special place for those often used supplies and tools and put them back in that spot when you are done with them! – Scissors go missing in my house as often as keys and the remote. So I designated a jar (see above) just for scissors and cutting tools and keep it on my craft desk in plain sight.

Resolution 3: Spend More Time Crafting

  1. Multitask – Although this one can be tricky and limited to some crafts, try to craft while watching tv or sitting in the waiting room. Bring a sketchpad and doodle while watching the kids’ soccer game, crochet or quilt while watching a movie.
  2. Break up big projects over time – you don’t need to set aside large blocks of time to craft, even 10 minutes a day can be fun and relaxing
  3. Plan a crafty date night or get the kids involved in crafting with you – Plan a pottery painting night out with your spouse or with friends or a family fun crafting hour to incorporate play and crafting. Just because you resolved to spend more time crafting doesn’t mean you have to be the only one crafting!

Resolution 4: Post More Finished Craft Projects on Diamond Tech Crafts Social Media Pages!

  1. Just do it, need I say more! Check out our Creative Corner for a jumping off point!


One thought on “10 Tips to Help You Keep Those Crafting Resolutions

  1. Lisa Jene says:

    Great tips! You’re absolutely right: 10 minutes of crafting a day is preferable to waiting for the perfect time. And next time I break into song, I’ll tell people I’m busy using both sides of my brain. 🙂

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