The Bevel Max… It’s Not Just for Stained Glass Anymore

Diamond-Max-2-in-1-grinder-Sure, you can quickly create your own custom bevels or modify stock bevels with the three-step system of the Bevel Max. But did you know that beveling is just the tip of the iceberg!

Fusers, you can eliminate devitrification (unsightly hazy spots from firing) with the Bevel Max! Simply use the Bevel Max polishing pad and compound to polish away any blemishes on the glass surface to bring your fused glass back to a beautiful shine. Yep, it is just that easy!

Gemstones are popping up everywhere these days, on clothing, jewelry, accessories and home décor. Beautiful beveled gems are so impressive and all you need to make them is the Bevel Max and a box of glass gems.

Speaking of facets, try beveling through layers of fused glass! Use the same process to modify stock bevels and add facets to any pieces of fused glass in three steps! One; use the grinding disks to shape and grind the glass surface. The 12 bevel block helps to hold the glass in place to ensure just the right angle. Two; use the laps to further grind and shape the glass. Three; use polishing compound (an extremely fine grit powder) and a soft polishing pad to bring your glass to a beautiful high polish. This works just as well with old beads that you just can’t seem to sell, turn them into faceted gems

Ready to learn more? Check out the Bevel Max here and to find one near you, visit our dealer locator.


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