Happy New Year – Crafty New Products

Who doesn’t love a good sneak peak?

We have 6 new products that we’re launching at CHA this year and you get to be the first to see them! We are super excited about these new products, so without further ado, we bring you…



Preserve both your memories and tabletops with this unique coaster. Fill it with photos, mosaics, collage, trinkets or any other keepsake for a handsome home accent! The unique feature about our cool little coaster is that it has a two-piece construction with 7/8″ depth so you can place a variety of things inside it.  Its like a little scrapbook for your table, chock-full of little memories!

Mosaic Elements


Speaking  of being chock-full… our next new product is chock-full of the things every mosaic hobbyist needs to manipulate tiles, grout and cement mosaic projects. A mixing cup, mixing spoon, large and small scraper, mixing stick, sponge, safety glasses and several craft sticks/picks accompany a Mosaic Techniques and Tips Booklet are packed nicely into a mixing bucket that can be used to mix grout or cement. Stop ruining your bowls and measuring tools with this don’t-miss kit!

Mosaic Garden Stakes


Mosaic Elements isn’t the only kit we are introducing this year… check out our fast, fun and easy Mosaic Garden Stake Kit! This kit is the newest addition to our line of popular garden mosaic kits! Make two personalized garden stakes for your herb, flower or vegetable garden with reusable stamps, tumbled glass and quick-setting cement.

New Mosaic Tesserae Mixes


We also have 3 new mosaic tesserae mixes; Mosaic Dots, Cobblestones Bright Mix and Cobblestones Light Mix. Mosaic Dots are irresistible cute, 12mm opaque glass rounds in a rainbow variety of colors. Cobblestones are crystal clear tiles with vibrant solid and glitter colors bonded to the back of each tile creating an illusion of depth in your mosaic project. Offered in two color combinations featuring bright and pastel colors in a variety of shapes and sizes, these tiles are perfect for little hands and require no nipping!

Check out our New Product Section for more details about our fun, new products!

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