Spring into KraftyBlok Ideas!


As the winter chill fades away, spring opens up new beginnings all around us. Everything is in bloom, including creativity. With KraftyBlok, it’s easy to come up with beautiful crafts that are as fun to make as they are to look at. If you’ve been wanting to make something with KraftyBlok but your ideas aren’t blossoming yet, you can find plenty of inspiration with Diamond Tech’s KraftyBlok project guides to get you started.


How about a gorgeous kaleidoscope lamp? It will light up any room with a unique glow, and when it’s not on, it will still be a magnificent piece that guests will gravitate toward when they visit your home.


You can also use the KraftyBlok to make coin banks. The decoupage bank is a great idea to make for your kids or grandkids. They can use it to hold their allowance earnings and save up for something special, like buying you more supplies to craft with! Or make one to save your own change for that spa day so that you can treat yourself to some much needed relaxation!


For a nautical theme, try the seaside shadowbox project. It’s perfect for beach lovers who can’t get to the beach every day. You can use the KraftyBlok to make any type of shadowbox you wish. The possibilities are endless!


KraftyBlok can also be painted to create a lovely tableside work of art. Choose your favorite scene, prepare the KraftyBlok with glass cleaner and make sure it’s completely dry before you begin. You can use anything to inspire you, even your favorite photograph!


What makes KraftyBlok so wonderful is that it’s extremely versatile. You can create tons of different projects from lamps to coin banks to painted landscapes to vases. Plus, you can reflect your own authentic style through your creations with the KraftyBlok.


Give it a try! You can order a KraftyBlok today and get started on your spring décor!



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