Inspiring Creativity on Snow Days

With this recent blustery weather and the giant bomb cyclone whirling around, it’s a good thing to be indoors. But if you’re a parent, then it can get a little frustrating being trapped inside the house with your kids. There’s only so many snowballs you can throw and snowmen you can build.


And once the weather gets really bad, it’s time for everyone to stay indoors. That means cabin fever for the whole family. But there are things you can do to make that time pass more quickly and make it fun for all ages.


Diamond Tech Crafts would love to inspire your creativity for those snow days indoors that lie ahead!


Build a fort

There is nothing like a good pillow fort to fuel the imagination. If your kids don’t know how to build one, show them how.


Movie marathon

Pop some popcorn, make some hot cocoa and put on all your favorite movies. You can vote to see what you’ll watch and allow everyone have the chance to pick their favorites.


Indoor obstacle course

Here’s a fun way to get creative in your space. Arrange an obstacle course around your living room and time everyone in the family as they go through it. You can also take turns creating new layouts.


Board game fun

If ever there was a time to trot out those board games, this is it. Hopefully you’ve stockpiled all the classics for moments like these!


Create art together

Our favorite way to keep busy indoors though is to craft something special together. There are countless ways to make art out of things you have around the home. Even simply coloring together will be a great release. Diamond Tech Crafts has plenty of free project guides that you can use with your kids too. For example, this decoupage bank will be fun to make and perhaps even inspire them to clean up so you’ll fill it with money.


Make the most of this time together. It can be challenging when confined indoors during these wintery days, but one day you’ll look back on these memories as treasures. Plus, if you make art together while you’re stuck indoors, you’ll even have mementos that will always be there.


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