Let Your Spirit Shine Through Art!



We all have something we’re passionate about. Most of us are passionate about art, which is a given since we wouldn’t be reading this blog right now. But at Diamond Tech Crafts, we all also have other passions in our lives that are perfect for inspiring creativity in art to show our spirit.


Whether it’s a favorite sports team or our love for our country, using our talents for art is a great way to express our devotion. Wondering how to make that happen? The sky is the limit!


For example, you can make fused glass beads to wear on a bracelet, necklace, and matching earrings for game day, or for any day. Make patriotic pieces in the same way too. Nothing looks more beautiful than the American flag’s brilliant red, white and blue hues.


Use KraftyBlok to make a lamp, a bank, or a jar you can use to save up for tickets to your favorite team’s game. Create a stained glass mural or mosaic stepping stones for the yard, coasters for your den, picture frames, table tops, or wall art.


See how many possibilities there are? Now if you’re wondering how to get started, simply visualize what you’d like to make. Is it a team logo? The American flag? The Statue of Liberty? Whatever it is, sketch out your vision so you can plan to translate it into your glass art piece.


Then bring it to life through your chosen art medium. With art, there is no wrong way when it comes to being creative, so let it flow and enjoy the process. Diamond Tech Crafts has plenty of ways for inspiring creativity with project guides you can use to fuel your imagination. What will you be making to show your spirit?


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