Fun Family Crafts from Toddler to Teen


For some, spring break is just beginning. For others, it’s the looming summer or those weekends that leads parents and children alike with nothing good to do. Whether your kids are little or big, you can have an amazing experience with them any time you have free time by doing a fun family craft together.


Instead of handing them the iPad and sending them on their way, a new way to come together as a family and have some fun is to make a craft with each other. Here are some of our favorite craft suggestions you can do with your kids to make beautiful art and memories you’ll always treasure.


For little kids, there’s a lot they can do to help make crafts come to life. This Seaside Shadowbox is the perfect craft because you can go down to the beach and gather up the materials you need to fill it up with like sand and shells. This gives little ones something to do. Not near the beach? Try the lakeside, the forest or any other outdoor area for gathering cool specimens to put inside. Don’t forget to take a photo together that you’ll put inside your shadowbox! This Oriental Garden is another way to use the KraftyBlok and have little ones help you craft it.


A terrarium is good for all ages, especially in spring and summer. It helps you become closer to nature, and closer together. Plus, the whole family can help care for it once you’re finished. It gives kids a good sense of responsibility to have something to look after.


Got teens? They’ll love to create their own fashionable pieces. This Family Charm Bracelet is a great idea. Of course, they can create it with anything images they wish, even making best friend charm bracelets or ones with images they choose from nature to their favorite musicians and more. If you have a fashionista, these rose necklaces will be a hit too.


And for any child, nothing could be better than creating a place to store that hard-earned allowance. This Decoupage Bank gives them something to be proud of and lets them stash their cash for future spending.


Diamond Tech Crafts has plenty more crafty ideas for you and your kids. Check them out and make something special together!



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