Learning from Your Art Mistakes

Fused Little Chick

Whether you’re crafting for fun or you’re trying to grow professionally in your artistic creations, you may come to a point where you go through growing pains. Art mistakes happen even to the most revered of artists. It’s important to recognize when you make a mistake in your art and move forward instead of dwell. Here are some common art mistakes that artists of all kinds make and how to overcome them so you keep growing and channeling your creativity positively.


Having unrealistic expectations

The most common mistake artists make, especially new ones, is to have unrealistic expectations. You can’t expect that everything will turn out like an award-winning masterpiece, or even turn out the way you were hoping. You may want to create a Tiffany-style lamp but your skills aren’t quite there yet, and that’s okay! When something doesn’t turn out right, look at what went wrong and find your way to getting it right with every progressing project.


Not learning new skills

No matter what avenue you pursue for your artistic passions from painting to sculpting to glass art and beyond, if you don’t take classes to improve and learn something new, you’ll always be stuck in the same place. Even the best artists in the world learn new things when they can. It helps fuel your creativity and gives you a chance to incorporate the new skills with your new projects.


Winging it

It may seem the opposite of creativity, but planning and organizing for your art projects is an important step. It’s not just about your talent and creativity though. Without proper planning, you may not be able to effectively execute your project. If you’re making a mosaic and you don’t set up your pattern first or plan for your colors, you might run out of materials. But be careful! Don’t overthink it and plan too much! You don’t have to make an overly-detailed outline of every single step you’ll do to bring your project to life, but you should have plans set up so it can go smoothly and in the right direction.


Constantly comparing yourself to others

Great works of art can be great inspirations. But stare at them too long and you might second guess yourself. Don’t strive to be them. You’re you! Use those elements they used to inspire you and keep in mind that these artists started somewhere, just like you. And like all art, some people will love it while others will hate it. You can’t please them all so go with your own personal flow.


Stop trying to be perfect

Sometimes, it’s those little imperfections in our art that make them truly perfect. Remember that and you’ll be more likely to enjoy yourself when you get lost in creating your art.


Need some inspiration? Diamond Tech Crafts has plenty of project guides that can help you learn and grow in your art skills while having fun!



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