How to Make Beautiful Glass Art Out of Your Vacation Keepsakes

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Don’t let summer end without making a beautiful memento out of your vacation keepsakes! Whether you adventure at the beach or theme parks, you can immortalize your favorite vacation memories into glass art pieces that you can display year-round at home or at your office to give you a little pick-me-up until it’s time for your next vacation.


At Diamond Tech Crafts, we love inspiring creativity. Check out our 3 favorite ideas to make your vacation keepsakes today!


KraftyBlok shadow box

We love KraftyBlok because you can use it to create some truly amazing keepsakes. A shadow box is a great idea because you can take sand and shells from your beach stay or create a fun theme park box filled with souvenirs from Disney World or Universal. You can even turn it into a light!


Mosaic frame

Take those vacation photos and frame them up mosaic-style. Or create a mosaic board that incorporates your tickets, photos, fabrics and anything else unique from your vacation. Make it a desk or shelf-top version or something you can hang up on your wall. Diamond Tech Crafts has all your mosaic supplies!


Stained glass panel

Why not turn your favorite images into a stained glass panel? Real-life images can be the best inspiration for your most beautiful glass art pieces. You can turn any photo into a stained glass panel with the right tools!


The sky is the limit when it comes to creating cool glass art vacation keepsakes. Diamond Tech Crafts has project guides that can inspire your best ideas too. Incorporate your unique mementos into them for a one-of-a-kind keepsake you’ll always cherish.


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