Back to School Ideas for Every Student


Whether you’ve got kids heading to elementary, middle, high school, college, or are even a student yourself, school is almost back in session. That means lots of hectic planning and organizing to start the school year off on the right foot.


At Diamond Tech Crafts, we have innovations for creativity that can help you keep spaces organized creatively. We’re sure you can craft something up that will make the school year more productive. Need inspiration? Try these ideas on for size!


KraftyBlok Koolness

We love KraftyBlok because of the amazing versatility for creating innovative ideas. For example, college kids can turn it into a decoupage bank that they can use for pizza or beer money. This kaleidoscope lamp is another cool idea that will make any dorm room more cozy and fun. There are many unique ways to use this product for back to school.


Memo Board

No matter what age the student, a board for memos is always a useful tool to keep organized. Our memo board project can help you get started on creating one today!


Scrapbooks and Custom Notebooks

Here’s a neat idea you won’t want to scrap. Our project for back to school scrapbooks is a great send-off gift for any college kid, or to personalize bland notebooks too. After all, back to school should be a fun time with school supplies that match our style, not make us blend in with the crowd.


Dollar Store Organization Techniques

There’s much you can do for back to school organization by stopping in your local dollar store. You can get the basics from plastic file cabinets to desk organizers and customize them in artful ways. Even if these things are less than exciting for your kids, like organization stations and command centers, they’ll keep you all organized and make getting to and from school as well as all the after school activities everyone has going on that much easier. Plus, staying organized leaves you more time for the fun stuff in life. Make your organization stations fun to interact with and pretty to look at and it won’t feel like a chore to use it.


There are so many ways to get creative with back to school. Get started now so the first day back is blissful instead of bonkers!




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