Go-To Crafts To Make For Holiday Gifting


Whether you are looking to give a gift this year that has a more personal touch or just simply want to share some of your own creative talents with the ones you love, these project ideas offer the best of both worlds. Use these project guides as inspiration to craft fun and meaningful gifts that will be cherished by your friends and family. Make this season a handmade holiday with these amazing gift ideas!



Wine is always a go-to gift during the holidays. Instead of just a bottle wrapped in a bow this year, let someone know you were thinking of them by giving them a stylish bottle stopper that they can admire atop their favorite bottle of spirits.

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Whether you are gifting your bottle stopper with a bottle of bubbly, wine or even a nice olive oil… don’t forget to present it in a nice wine box. If you really want to go the extra mile you can mosaic the outside of the box!





Another go-to gift during the holidays is jewelry. Many times jewelry can be so impersonal, but when you craft your own jewelry you can add your own personality to your gift or custom make it to fit the recipients own style and tastes.

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Use trinkets in your design like Zodiac symbols or use mosaic tiles in the color of the recipients birth stone to help give your gift a more personal touch.





It’s a timeless tradition, getting the man in your life a set of cuff links. Whether it’s a brother, a husband, a father or friend… custom cuff links will help them show off some style the next time they are at the office.

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Start with finding a tie you like, then make your cuff links design to coordinate with it. Then you can gift the whole set together.





Cement is a fun and easy medium to use in crafting. It is especially great when making large quantities of your craft. These fun magnets are super easy. Pour cement into molds, place a magnet into the back before it fully sets, and when completely dry… paint however you like!

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Make these in bulk, then display them at your Christmas or New Years party. These make fantastic party favors for your guests!





This other traditional go-to gift is the ultimate in creative freedom! Ornaments can be done in any shape, size or style. Make it Christmas themed or make it one of your own artistic creations. The sky is the limit!

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Remember to leave some space in your design to personalize your ornament if you want to give it some of that extra special feeling.



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