Glass Crafting Gift Guide

  The holidays are upon us, which means it's time to make your way to your favorite stores and boutiques to begin your shopping. This year, we compiled a helpful guide to make gift hunting easier for the glass crafters and artists in your life. Find these fantastic gifts at local shops and stores near … Continue reading Glass Crafting Gift Guide


Weekender Project: Upcycled Wind Bells

Upcycling is a great way to reuse your trash and turn it into a great piece of art. Take this Upcycled Wind Bells project for example; from a few used wine or beer bottles and some stringing material, you can create some wonderful wind chimes, all you need is a Generation Green G2 bottle cutter. Think of all the other great … Continue reading Weekender Project: Upcycled Wind Bells

Upcycling – Creating Crafts from Trash!

by Rita SchwabWhat if the materials you needed for your next project were free and available?And what if choosing this particular material allowed you to generate some environmental benefits, like reducing waste while proving your creative outlet?This is the benefit of upcycling, using waste material  to create something new and of perhaps of greater value. … Continue reading Upcycling – Creating Crafts from Trash!