Win 1 of 3 G2 Bottle Cutters at Craftbits!

G2-Package-LeftWho doesn’t love winning? Crazy question right…

This month you can win and help save the Earth! In addition to the contest we are running here on our blog, Diamond Tech has partnered with Craftbits to give away 3 Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutters! The Craftbits contest runs from today, April 15th until May 15th.

With the G2 Bottle Cutter you can create awesome upcycled home décor like vases, sculptures, terrariums and fun and functional glassware too! The g2 bottle cutter is made from recycled aluminum, so you are keeping more than just glass bottles out of the landfill!

What are you waiting for… enter the Craftbits competition here and don’t forget about our contest ending April 21, enter here!


How to Use Upcycled Glass Bottles in Glass Art

G2 Bottle CutterEarth Day is near and what better way to celebrate than to incorporate upcycling into you next glass craft or art project!  There are plenty of ways to be green when it comes to creating fabulous mosaics, stained glass panels, fused projects and more.

One of our favorite ways to upcycle is by using the G2 Bottle Cutter to create functional home décor like vases, candle shelters, and drinking glasses as well as fun and funky art! Did you know that the G2 Bottle Cutter is made from recycled aluminum, so when you use one to make fantastic bottle art you are being twice as green! Not only are you

Bottle Necklacekeeping bottles out of the landfill, you are keeping aluminum out too!

Not satisfied with making vases, candle holders and drinking glasses? Well the fun doesn’t stop there; glass bottles make a great medium to add to fused glass, mosaic and stained glass projects!  How so you ask?

Rings cut from bottles can be fused to make bracelets, pendants, and napkin rings. Or use a wheeled glass nipper to cut rings into  squares to make glass tiles. Cut the top and bottom off a bottle to make a large glass tile! Just keep in mind, the COE or Coefficient of Expansion is unknown on bottles so to be safe, only fuse pieces of the same bottle together.

Cut squares from rings to make mosaic tiles, the slight curve from the bottle adds great dimension to a flat mosaic surface, better yet, mosaic a rounded surface like an old vase or candle holder with multiple bottle colors! If you don’t want a rounded texture, you can always
TrinketBox-WEBBottles make great additions to stained glass pieces too, create hinged trinket boxes or stack multicolored rings to make a fun lightshade. Incorporate rings and bases into panels to make a fun and modern panel!slump nipped squares to flatten them.

We can’t forget about mixed media projects either! Upcycled bottles can be used with upcycled wood to make fun coat racks or jewelry hangers. The possibilities are endless!FleurDeLis-Hook-WEB

Are you in need of a g2 Bottle Cutter, find one at any of these fabulous retailers or win one along with our four fabulous Bottle Art Kits by entering our Earth Day Contest, check out this post for all of the details!

Win a Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutter and All Four Bottle Art Kits

Bottle Art KitsEarth Day is right around the corner, how will you celebrate? We are celebrating by giving you a chance to win a Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutter and all four Generation Green Bottle Cutter Kits!

Whoever said it isn’t easy being green? Stop tossing those glass bottles in the trash and start your Earth Day Crafting by upcycling! It’s simple with the Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutter. Made from recycled aluminum (making it Earth friendly too), the g2 is lightweight and allows you to easily score and separate discarded bottles and wide-mouth jars in 3 steps. Using the g2 Bottle Cutter you can celebrate Earth Day all year round by turning old glass bottles and jars into glass sculptures, vases, lamps shades, drinking glasses or votive holders.

Create the ideal environment for growing and watering any type of plant with the 3-in-1 Plant Keeper, for all the keepsakes you treasure – a special photo, a dried flower, concert or theatre tickets, vacation trinkets, cards and letters keep them close at hand and inside a unique Keepsake Bottle, add a dancing glow and a warm ambience to any room or outdoorG2 Bottle Cutter space with a Glass Luminary or create colorful and whimsical Wind Chimes from recycled bottles and jars.

Enter our Earth Day Contest from now until April 21, 2013 by leaving us a comment on this blog post telling us what you plan to create with the g2 Bottle Cutter, go to our Pinterest page and check out our Creative Corner to find some great ideas! We will pick a winner at random on Earth Day, April 22, 2013! Exciting news like this is hard to keep to yourself, so feel free to pass this contest on to your friends.

Weekender Project: Upcycles Seaside Votive Holder

Summer is the perfect time of year to spend a day at the beach basking in the glow of the sun and sipping delicious drinks (you know, the tropical ones with the tiny umbrellas) in the sand! That is, unless the beach is overcrowded  or you live in a faraway beachless town or you don’t know when you will ever see your vacation.

Oh, beach smeach  – who needs one to relax, create your own beach atmosphere and save all the hassle of getting there! This seaside votive holder will have you relaxing out back sipping mai tais and pina coloadas in no time.

Create this seaside votive holder using a large and small wine bottle and a beer bottle, throw in some sand, beachy trinkets and a calming candle and your beachy paradise will  literally be right around the corner! Find the complete instructions for this upcycled candle holder here and find more fantastic summer projects in our Creative Corner.

Weekender Project: Tuscany Wine Bottle Vases

I hear Tuscany is beautiful this time of year, but if you can’t be there to see it for your self you might as well bring a little Tuscan charm to your living room with some sweet upcycled vases! Spring is in full swing, so show off those beautiful new buds with some upcycled flair!

Sure Earth Day has passed, but that doesn’t mean all of your glass bottles have  to literally go to waste. Did you know that every month, we throw out enough bottles and jars to fill up a skyscraper! Put that trash to good use and make something special today!

Find the instructions for these sweet upcycled vases here and while you’re at it, check out our Luminary Bottle Art Kit, it would make the perfect complement to these Tuscan Vases!

Visit our Creative Corner for more fun green projects and join us on Facebook for great crafting tips, projects and news. Looking for the G2 Bottle Cutter and Bottle Art Kits in your area? Check out our store finder to purchase one near you.

Weekender Project – Upcycled Brew Glass

Have you ever heard someone day “beer tastes better in a glass”? I think its true, whether from a glass bottle or drinking glass, beer does taste better from a glass! This chalice is perfect for a pilsner or an ale – hey, why buy your drinking glasses, when you can make them – from bottles!

Did you know that last year Americans tosses over 1.5 million tons of glass in the trash! Imagine how much space those bottles are taking up in the landfill, now imagine how much space would be freed if everyone made their own drinking glasses! Less waste + more money in your pocket = a more enjoyable beer, am I wrong?

Find the instructions for this awesome brew glass here and when your done, check out our New Bottle Art Kits – we’ve combined everything you need to make a luminary, garden keeper, windchime or a keepsake box.

Visit our Creative Corner for more fun green projects and join us on Facebook for great crafting tips, projects and news. Looking for the G2 Bottle Cutter and Bottle Art Kits in your area? Check out our store finder to purchase one near you.

Repurpose, Reuse and Upcycle Glass Bottle and Jars

Earth Day is this Sunday, but why not make Earth Day every day? When it comes to glass,

Developing our new Bottle Art Kits has made me start rethinking a lot of the materials I consume on a daily basis. A while back I wrote about the G2 Bottle Cutter helping me make decisions about beverage consumption (read about that here) and last week, I wrote about how creating these kits inspired me to start repurposing waste materials into new crafts (if you missed it, read it here).

We created these kits so that with the help of a G2 Bottle Cutter and little more than some empty glass bottles or jars you can create a 3 in 1 Plant Keeper, Wind Chimes, Luminary and Keepsake Bottle, but little did I know they would help me start creating other crafts and household items from the trash I used to just throw away!

I love using my glass bottles and jars to create décor and gifts, but when I am not using them for projects, sometimes I score and break a slew of bottles for future projects and others I collect and save for later. I have found quite a few other uses for all of that glass!

My favorite use for glass jars is in the kitchen, I store beans, rice, pasta and other dried goods in them to keep them fresh and I have even started using glass jars as containers for leftovers! It was one of those “why haven’t I thought of this before” things, I was reaching for a plastic container and found that it stunk so bad from the previous meal that I couldn’t bear using it again, I saw the recently cleaned sauce jar from my dinner and put the leftovers in. A large 1.5 liter wine bottle works perfectly as a tool holder in the kitchen, and if you are anything like me, you need two or three! I love the fact that I can reuse and reduce when I can’t upcycle or recycle!

What are some ways you like to repurpose or upcycle? Leave us a comment below and check out our Creative Corner to find more fresh and fun Earth friendly projects.