Weekender Project: Easter Bunny KraftyBlok Candy Jar

Have you ever seen a cuter candy jar or a better use for a KraftyBlok for that matter? Everybody needs a jellybean break sometimes – and for me that just so happens to be all the time!

Find the image and instructions for this perfectly adorable Easter candy jar here and be sure to hop by our Creative Corner for more fun KraftyBlok projects.

Looking for KraftyBloks in a store near you? Check out our store locator.


Weekender Project: KraftyBlok Love vase

Forget the chocolate, flowers and the dinner reservations! Make a long-lasting Valentine’s craft that you can create in a few short hours! Okay well, maybe the chocolate and the flowers and a nice night out wouldn’t hurt, right? 

Create a lovely KraftyBlok Vase for your special someone this Valentine’s Day.  Show off your favorite photo of you and your sweetie using KraftyBlok Image Art and set it permanently in the oven! This cute KraftyBlok is adorned with little red heart charmers, but you can dress it up with other trinkets that remind you of your love. Plus it makes a wonderful place to keep all those flowers you received!

Download the instructions and material list for this KraftyBlok project here and find more awesome KraftyBlok projects in our Creative Corner. If you are looking for KraftyBloks in your area, be sure to visit our store locator.

Weekender Project: Wooden Owl KraftyBlok Nightlight

You’ll get a hoot out of this cute owl lamp! This wise owl can watch over the little ones as a nightlight or brighten up a room as an accent light! Whooo wouldn’t want to make this delightful KraftyBlok Lamp? Make this lamp with a few supplies in a few simple steps; find the instructions and printable image here. Check out our Creative Corner to find more fun KraftyBlok  projects and to find KraftyBloks near you, be sure to visit our store locator.

Weekender Project: New Year’s Savings Bank

It’s almost a new year and it’s time to start thinking about ways to commit to at least one new year’s resolution. Save, save, save! We all know how easy it is to forget to save. Keep that new years resolution to save more money with this cute  KraftyBlok Bank. This project may even help you become a multitasker because it doubles as décor! Place images of the things your saving for (like a spa retreat or a vacation!) on the KraftyBlok or maybe your savings goal!

Find the instructions for this dandy KraftyBlok Bank here and look for more great glass block projects at the Diamond Tech Creative Corner.

5 Tips for Choosing Glass Blocks for Crafting

glass block craftI know that nowadays there are a few choices when it comes to picking out a glass crafting block, however,  most of them are exactly the same and not very far off from the thick and heavy industrial glass building blocks – sure they are  great for building structures, but let’s get real here, most of us aren’t building walls and windows with our glass blocks are we!

 Here are a few tips to help you sort out the glass blocks that are far off from being craft quality and choose the glass block that is right for you – aka The Original KraftyBlok.


  1. Look for the glass blocks with a smooth surface to get the most use out of your block. The Original KraftyBlok has a smooth, flat surface. The others have a rippled, bumpy surface – just like the industrial building blocks; look, this is only a great quality when you need to distort something or if you are going for the ice cube look, if you want craft a vase, frame, shadowbox, mosaic, or even adhere anything to your glass block without it looking distorted or bumpy.
  2. Look for a glass blocks with a pre-drilled hole. The Original KraftyBlok has a pre-drilled hole. Other glass blocks are not drilled, which means you need to be equipped with glass drilling tools  and a ton of patience to add lights or images to the interior. There really isn’t much you can do with a glass block  if you are missing a hole.
  3. Peel the corner of the label on the glass block up. If you can easily peel up the corner, then you are looking at the Original KraftyBlok, if you tear the corner, oops walk away and pretend it never happened. KraftyBloks have easy to peel labels which are especially convenient if you like to start your project immediately. Other blocks have labels that require soaking, scraping and scrubbing. Who wants to clean before you craft, I sure don’t!
  4. Check out the manufacture’s website for project ideas. You will find that many manufacturers only offer a few ideas on how to craft with glass blocks. Diamond Tech has a whole section of their website devoted to KraftyBlok projects in the Creative Corner and their creative team is always working on new project to add.
  5. Make sure you are shopping in a craft and hobby or art specific store. This may seem a little obvious to some but this is where you will definitely find the largest supply of glass blocks and as an added bonus the larger craft stores always have coupons that you can use to buy glass blocks!

Be sure to check out all of the KraftyBlok Projects in the Creative Corner by clicking here and to find KraftyBloks in a store near you, be sure to check out the store locator. If you need a few ideas on how to use your glass blocks for crafting be sure to read our blog on how to craft with a KraftyBlok and decorating a KraftyBlok.

Deck the Halls with KraftyBloks!

KraftyBloks make great holiday décor! Here are a few KraftyBloks we have created. If you aren’t sure what you can make with a KraftyBlok or how you can decorate one check out these posts What Can I make with a KraftyBlok and How Can I Decorate a KraftyBlok and check out the tutorials by clicking the pictures below for inspiration!

Silly Billy the Snowman – with three KraftyBloks and some spare buttons and cloth you can make a cute indoor snowman or snowgal!

Night Before Christmas Victorian Scene – all you need is a little faux snow and some Christmas figurines and you have a pretty shadowbox!

Noel KraftyBlok – Do you love Christmas? Why not spell it out! Make a pretty set of lamps!

Christmas Tree Accent Light – KraftyBloks make such a cute medium for a lamp, I can’t resist adding another one! Mosaic a Christmas tree on your KraftyBlok!

You can find more fun KraftyBlok projects in the Diamond Tech Creative Corner and to find KraftyBloks in a store near you use our store locator!

Happy Crafting!

Weekender Project: Autumnal Dreams KraftyBlok Luminary

Oh Fall, what a beautiful season! Celebrate this pretty season with this week’s weekender project, Autumnal Dreams KraftyBlok Luminary. I just love fall and this project makes for perfect fall decor, don’t you think?  As you know your options are virtually limitless when decorating a KraftyBlok, this project uses alcohol inks, stamps and embossing materials to add awesome color and texture to the KraftyBlok. Find the instructions for this embossed KraftyBlok here and for more great KraftyBlok projects head over to  the Diamond Tech Creative Corner. To find KraftyBloks in your area check out our store locator.