Add a Burst of Color to Your Yard This Summer


BUTTERFLY FEEDER SLEEVE2012Summer is here! Garden centers, hardware stores, and nurseries are bursting at the seams with seeds, flowers and supplies necessary for those with a green thumb itching to plant a garden. As an avid gardener and butterfly plant enthusiast, I’ve already joined the ranks and gathered enough to plant a small farm in my back yard.

So it was no surprise as one of the members of the Product Development team at Diamond Tech, I worked to create a butterfly themed kit as one of our new products for 2013. The Jennifer’s Mosaics Butterfly Feeder Kit comes with everything needed to create a mosaic butterfly feeder – no extra tools or supplies. It does not get any better than that, just ask me!

This one-of-a-kind kit contains glass butterflies, tumbled recycled glass, cement, sand and a reusable 2 piece feeder mold, for those of you who want to make additional feeders for all your gardening buddies! They do make cool and interesting gifts!

Simply add water to the re-sealable cement pouch, squeeze to mix then add to the mold – totally mess-free! Next, press the ButterflyFeedKit-Box-WEBrecycled tumbled glass and colorful glass butterflies into the wet cement and allow feeder to dry. Voila, a whimsical and fun, butterfly feeder!

Learning about butterflies and being creative is something that kids and adults can do together, not only for fun but as a fantastic way to educate themselves about nature and the world around them. I think Diamond Tech got it right with the packaging too! Each kit is sure to get kids’ attention and foster enthusiasm as a tiny little cartoon professor points out interesting butterfly facts on the back of each box.

Diamond Tech creatively incorporates fun and science to help promote a respect and love for nature. This product is creative, educational and fun; and all of those words make me happy, how about you?

Check out the dealer locator on our website to find one in a store near you!


I Love The USA Giveaway

What’s red, white, and blue all over?

Patriotic Stone
Our brand new Patriotic Heart Stepping Stone Kit, that’s what!
Show your patriotic pride this July 4th and make this heart-shaped stepping stone for your garden or patio. Reusable mold lets you create 1 or 100+ stepping stones for your very own Yankee Doodle pathway! And to show how much Diamond Tech appreciates the men and women that serve in our military, a portion of this kits proceeds benefit our injured and fallen heroes! So tell your friends, the Patriotic Stepping Stone Kit is the feel good kit of the year!794366012257.PT01

Ready to WIN? Here are the rules: There are 4 ways to enter, you don’t need to do each to complete your entry, but the more ways you enter the more chances you have to win! The contest starts today June 17, 2014 and ends next Tuesday June 24, 2014. Winners will be randomly chosen and announced on Wednesday, June 25th.

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Good luck and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Win 1 of 3 Mosaic Butterfly Feeder Kits at Craftbits!

ButterflyFeedKit-RIGHT-FACE-WEBDiamond Tech Crafts has done it again!  We are teaming up with Craftbits to give away one of our newest, most fabulous products yet – the Mosaic Butterfly Feeder Kit! And right now you can WIN one of three kits being given away on

Invite beautiful butterflies into your yard with this mess-free, kid-friendly Mosaic Butterfly Feeder kit. The kit contains a 2 piece reusable feeder mold, cement, sand, upcycled tumbled glass and darling little glass butterflies.
Finished feeders have a recessed well, which can be filled with sand, water and salt. Butterflies are then attracted to the minerals left on the sand after the water evaporates. Once the butterflies know where to find these minerals, they will return regularly! You can enter the Craftbits competition starting today, May 15th through June 15thJust visit the  Craftbits competition here to enter!

Make a Mosaic for the Birds

Who ever said mosaics were just meant for our enjoyment? Make a mosaics that is just for the birds this summer! We have plenty of ideas that will keep the birds flocking to your yard (pun intended!) Keep the songbirds singing all year with these welcoming projects.

Use a pre-made wooden base or some old dishes to build your own style of bird house for some chirpy friends, like this Charming Mosaic Bird House or this French Cottage Birdhouse


or welcome the birds to the garden with a few well placed bird themed stepping stones like this Lovebirds Stepping Stone or this Springtime Bird Stepping Stone.


You can find all of these projects and many many more at our Creative Corner. Be sure to check out our store locator to find the right tools and materials to make these projects.

Weekender Project: Fun Summer Stepping Stone

If you liked our post earlier this week about creating stepping stones with the kids, you are going to love this project! Help your little one create a souvenir from their fun summer. This stepping stone is perfect for kids because the deco ceramic tile used is pre-cut and has rounded edges so those little fingers are safe from cuts.

In the instructions and pattern we use the direct method for the stone, but if you prefer making stepping stones using the indirect method, you can follow the instructions posted here.

Be sure to stop by our Creative Corner for more fun summer projects and find us on Facebook for fun tips and the latest news!

Weekender Project: Flower Basket Stepping Stone

Do you ever find yourself rushing through your gardening, weeding and pruning without so much stopping to take a look around and admire your handy work? Just stop and smell the flowers!  With a stepping stone like this, you may never forget.

Create this simple stepping stone in just a few quick steps! Make the flowers by scoring sheets of stained glass or nip stained glass chips, then nip random-sized rectangles for the basket.

For this project you will need:

  • Jennifer’s Mosaics Outdoor Cement
  • 8″ Square Stepping Stone Mold
  • 1 Sheet of Grass Green/Cream Stained Glass
  • 1 Sheet of Red/Orange/Cream Stained Glass
  • 1 Sheet of Yellow Stained Glass
  • 1 Sheet of Honey Wisp Stained Glass
  • 1 Steel Wheel Glass Cutter or oil-fed glass cutter and 1″ Running Pliers or Jennifer’ Mosaics Wheeled Glass Nippers
  • Petroleum Jelly to release the mold and contact paper

For complete stepping stone instructions check out this blog post and for mosaic nipping tips, read this one. To find all of these supplies in a store near you, visit our store locator. Looking for more summer project inspiration? Take a look around our Creative Corner for more fun summer projects and find us on Facebook for great tips and project ideas!