Fixing Those Soldering Iron Woes

Every now and then we get a call about a customer’s Studio 100 Soldering Iron not getting hot enough. We go through the standard questions like where did you purchase your iron, when did you purchase your iron, is there any damage to the cord, are you using a Studio Pro Tip, and the one that surprises everyone … What condition is your tip in?


Believe it or not, the most common cause for any soldering iron “not getting hot enough” is the condition of the tip. If a tip becomes oxidized or rusted it can no longer transfer heat which will make it seem like your soldering iron is not working. Check out this article for ways to fix your tips or better yet, prevent damage. COMPARISON_TIPS-WEB


Cord damage, while not as common as damage to the tip, can be brutal and no amount of electrical tape can fix it. However, there are some basic steps you follow to prevent damage.

  • Do not pull the cord to unplug the iron, pull from the plug.
  • Use a stand when working on a project to prevent the iron from accidently rolling into the cord.
  • Wait until the iron is completely cooled until you put it away.

The Studio 100 Soldering Iron has a built-in temperature control so it is very important to use a soldering iron tip that works with the built-in temperature control. Our Studio Pro Soldering Iron Tips are specifically designed to be used with our Studio 100 iron. Each tip has a temperature controlled magnet that when engaged with the soldering iron, produces the correct temperature. If you are using a soldering iron tip that does not have such a magnet, your Studio 100 will not transfer heat properly.

For more soldering tips, stop by the Creative Corner. Got a tip you’d like to share? Share your favorite tips in the comments section!


Our 10 Favorite Last Minute Christmas Projects

How did December get here already, wasn’t it just The 4th of July? The Holiday Season seems to sneak up on us every year without notice!   If you didn’t start your Christmas Crafting when all the stores started bringing in the Christmas craft supplies back in July, fear not, you can still make some pretty stellar décor and gifts just in the (Saint) Nick of time.

We’ve made a list (and checked it twice) of our favorite fun and easy Christmas crafts to make for your home or for a great gift. All of these fantastic projects (and many more) can be found on our website, from gifts made with Clear Crafting Blocks to décor made with KraftyBloks , our Creative Corner is your one stop shop for last-minute glass crafting Christmas project tutorials! Just click the title for full instructions for each of the projects listed or hop on over to our Creative Corner for more great projects.

Top Christmas Crafts Décor and Gifts

1.       Mirror Snowflake Holiday Ornament

A mosaic, frame and ornament all in one!This project is great to give or keep.

2.       Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Where do stained glass, ribbon and decoupage meet? On the Christmas Tree of course! This stained glass project is perfect for beginners and a great way to mix up crafty mediums!


3.       Snowman Trio Pin

A little bit of dichroic glass goes a long way! Add some sparkle to your blouse or give a fun and frosty gift. Make this project in no time with the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln.


4.       Mosaic Snowflake Serving Tray

This mosaic project is perfect for snowy nights!


5.       Peace Love Hope Joy Ornament

Perfect for decking the halls! Create this adorable ornament with a My Tile Kit, ribbon, bails and paint!


6.       Wreath Bottle Stopper

Perfect for a Holiday Host or Hostess!Make this project in no time with the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln.


7.       The First Noel

Celebrate the Season with a KraftyBlok display!


8.       Christmas Tree Luminary

Mosaic a KraftyBlok to make a lovely luminary or nightlight.


9.       Country Dinner Bell 

Start a Jingle Bell Rock or gather the family for a lovely holiday meal using our G2 Bottle Cutter and wine bottle.


10.   Christmas Trivet

Add some Christmas flair to the table!


Sprinkle Some Sparkle into Every Season with Bevels!


Crafting with Studio Pro Bevels is the perfect way to add a little something extra to your next glass project!

Whether you are a seasoned stained glass artist or a glass crafting beginner there is a project that is perfect for you!

And just because bevels are traditionally used in stained glass projects that doesn’t mean you need stained glass supplies to craft with them.SteampunkEarringsNecklace-WEB Sun catchers reflect light and add glimmer to the whole room, they make perfect décor for spring and summer.

Bevel-Orn-Image-WEBSchnazz up your wardrobe year round with a bevel necklace and earrings or you can fashion a pin or pendant.

Deck the halls with beautiful bevels. Ornaments are perfect for the holidays, just decoupage images or wrapping paper on a bevel, finish with foil and glue on a bail to add a sparkly touch to your tree.


Bevel votive holders make great accent pieces all year round, create one using a kit, like the Studio Pro Dainty Candle Shelter Kit or the Studio Pro Candle Shelter Kit, or if you lack serious soldering skills try your hand at the one featured in the Fall issue of Crafts ‘n Things.


In addition to the bevels and mirror, all you need to make this project is glass glue, etching cream, contact paper and foil – no soldering required!

And best of all, we have teamed up with Crafts ‘n Things to give away the foil, bevels and mirror needed for this project!
So grab your soldering iron or glass glue and get started today!

Check out  Crafts ‘n Things website to enter to win one of five of these excellent prizes and head over to our Creative Corner for some great stained glass instructions and swing by our Dealer Locator to find Studio Pro Bevels in a store near you!

Weekender Project: Easter Stained Glass Panel or Mosaic

Easter is this Sunday! Do you need some extra Easter decor? Try this sweet Easter themed panel call “The Easter Egg Hunt” ! This pattern works perfectly for stained glass, mosaics or stepping stones, just adjust the shape and you are ready to create! Download the instructions and pattern here. Be sure to hop on over to our Creative Corner for more fun Easter crafts!

Weekender Project: Snow Angels Stained Glass Panel

Winter Stained Glass PatternIt just isn’t winter without a few snow angels and if you are like me you have to go north to try that feat or maybe it’s just too darn cold to go out and lay in the snow. Either way you can make your own snow angels sans snow.  Well, it’s not exactly the same, but at least you keep warm with a soldering iron at hand and hey you can even build a snowman in there too. This stained glass panel make the perfect winter decor to give as a gift or to hand in your home! This link will direct you to the instructions for this sweet snow angel stained glass panel. Be sure to visit the Diamond Tech Creative Corner for more fun stained glass projects and check out the store locator to find Diamond Tech products in a store near you.

Weekender Project: Turkey Football Stained Glass Panel

Need a great décor idea for Thanksgiving next week? Nothing says Thanksgiving like a fun festive turkey! And who doesn’t love a stained glass project? Assemble this fun Turkey Football Project for your home or give it to a Thanksgiving Dinner host or hostess! If you need some stained glass pointers, check out our stained glass for beginner series. Click here for the instructions for this fun stained glass piece and to find more great stained glass projects head on over to the Diamond Tech Creative Corner and to find Diamond Tech stained glass supplies in a retailer near you, use our store locator.

Stained Glass for Beginners – Part 4: Foiling and Soldering

Stained Glass Here we are, the fourth and final installment of the Stained Glass for Beginners – 4 part series. If you missed the last three posts, go ahead and check them out before you read on.

Stained Glass for Beginners – Part 1

Stained Glass for Beginners – Part 2

Stained Glass for Beginners – Part 3

Like I said before, stained glass assembly has three basic steps, cutting, foiling and soldering – now that we have covered the cutting process we can talk about the basic foiling a soldering process:

  1. Wait…Stop! Before we go any further, let’s make sure our hands and glass are immaculately clean; otherwise the foil won’t adhere correctly!
  2. Copper foil is sticky like tape, its best to peel back the lining of the tape as you cover the edge of the glass so things don’t get out of control! Your foil should wrap around the edge of the glass and have an even amount on either side and make sure your go all the way around the edge of the glass and overlap the starting point by at least ¼”. Slowly fold down the foil over the glass.
  3. Next you will be able to burnish, which is the process of smoothing foil against the sides of the glass. Using your fid, rub the foil down the side of the glass removing bubbles and ensuring a nice seal!
  4. The next step is applying flux, for this step you can use liquid of paste form, and with you flux brush you will kind of paint the flux over the copper foil.
  5. Assemble your pattern and hold the outer pieces together using horseshoe nails or metal pins. Once your pattern is laid out, you are ready to solder. Check out this nifty video  – you know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well a video is like a novel – watching this will help you much more than  I can say.  
  6. Once all of your pieces are soldered, flip it over and solder the other side.
  7. When you have soldered both sides of your stained glass piece you can add pretty decorative solder or you can pigment the   solder by brushing patina over it – these techniques are a little more advanced – I would definitely recommend taking a glass or picking up a book on decorative solder!

Don’t forget, you can find some really great free stained glass patterns, check out the Diamond Tech Creative Corner and to find Diamond Tech stained glass supplies in a store near let our store locator be your guide.