Take Crafting to the Next Level with Simply Fused!

Looking for a summer activity that will have you innovating creatively? Look no further than Diamond Tech’s original publication, Simply Fused. Whether you’re just starting out into crafts or you are searching for project inspiration, this book brings you plenty of opportunities to explore your artful side.


Paired best with Fuseworks™ glass fusing products, this is an incredible resource to use to ensure you’ll be successful with glass fusing. It makes learning how to use the Fuseworks™ Microwave Kiln easy. You’ll see how fun glass fusing can be, and how affordable it is too. Plus, the easy-to-follow instructions make learning how to fuse glass simple for anyone. Imagine making your own fused glass creations as gifts for those you love!


Even those with loads of glass fusing experience will find great inspiration among the 26 projects that are detailed in this book. Follow them step by step, or use them as a jumping off point for your own exciting creations.


Searching for a gift for the glass artist in your life? Simply Fused is the perfect present for birthdays or holidays. You can also pair it with Fuseworks™ glass fusing products for a gift they’ll absolutely love.


For every skill level, Simply Fused offers brilliant projects to keep you busy this summer. Add it to your own library of crafting books or give it to someone who has a love for glass fusing.





Spring into KraftyBlok Ideas!


As the winter chill fades away, spring opens up new beginnings all around us. Everything is in bloom, including creativity. With KraftyBlok, it’s easy to come up with beautiful crafts that are as fun to make as they are to look at. If you’ve been wanting to make something with KraftyBlok but your ideas aren’t blossoming yet, you can find plenty of inspiration with Diamond Tech’s KraftyBlok project guides to get you started.


How about a gorgeous kaleidoscope lamp? It will light up any room with a unique glow, and when it’s not on, it will still be a magnificent piece that guests will gravitate toward when they visit your home.


You can also use the KraftyBlok to make coin banks. The decoupage bank is a great idea to make for your kids or grandkids. They can use it to hold their allowance earnings and save up for something special, like buying you more supplies to craft with! Or make one to save your own change for that spa day so that you can treat yourself to some much needed relaxation!


For a nautical theme, try the seaside shadowbox project. It’s perfect for beach lovers who can’t get to the beach every day. You can use the KraftyBlok to make any type of shadowbox you wish. The possibilities are endless!


KraftyBlok can also be painted to create a lovely tableside work of art. Choose your favorite scene, prepare the KraftyBlok with glass cleaner and make sure it’s completely dry before you begin. You can use anything to inspire you, even your favorite photograph!


What makes KraftyBlok so wonderful is that it’s extremely versatile. You can create tons of different projects from lamps to coin banks to painted landscapes to vases. Plus, you can reflect your own authentic style through your creations with the KraftyBlok.


Give it a try! You can order a KraftyBlok today and get started on your spring décor!




Diamond Tech Crafts

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Pauline Derosier
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fireworks-kitFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Tampa, FL — January 10, 2017 –– Diamond Tech Crafts, the source for the country’s best quality stained glass, mosaic tools, and accessories, announce a return to The Craft & Hobby Association’s (CHA) event, Creativation 2017.
Launching a new version of Fuseworks™ and mosaic kits at Creativation 2017, will be the perfect place for Diamond Tech Crafts to unveil the new products and innovative craft accessories for artists Craft consumers want more creative ideas and are savvier about their choices of kits. They are looking for designs that reflect their individual flair and home decor. Diamond Tech Crafts makes it a priority to supply creative crafters with new and innovative products.
In addition to debuting new kits, Diamond Tech Crafts will also launch a new product that will make hanging pictures and projects easier. LET’S HANG is a tool that will help you hang anything at a 100% precise level the first time, eliminating unnecessary holes and repairs to walls.
“We are constantly looking for new products to support the arts, inspire creativity and unite artists across all crafts,” says Dan Daniels, President of Diamond Tech International. “CHA gives companies like Diamond Tech Crafts a platform to showcase these inventive new products that help inspire.”
Join thousands of creative industry professionals for the ultimate creative industries event on January 19-23, 2017. CHA is the heart of creativity and Creativation is the place to learn, connect and discover. Diamond Tech Crafts will have products on display; including the Precision 2000 Deluxe band saw, live demonstrations of the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln and a Craft representative at booth #1260.
The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) is an international non-profit trade association consisting of thousands of member companies engaged in the design, manufacture, distribution and retail sales of products in the worldwide craft and hobby industry. For more information about CHA, membership or its Creativation Show; visit http://www.craftandhobby.org

In 1992, Diamond Tech opened its doors in Tampa, Florida. Our customer base and product offerings have grown considerably since our early days. However,) we still maintain our founding commitment to our customer’s satisfaction and the delivery of “innovative products for creativity.”
Diamond Tech Crafts is the place to find and discover the country’s best quality stained glass, hot glass and mosaic tools, and accessories. To learn more visit: http://www.DiamondTechCrafts.com or contact us at 800-937-9593.


Diamond Tech International – 5600 Airport Blvd. Suite C – Tampa, FL – 33634
Call Toll-Free: 800-937-9593

Happy New Year – Crafty New Products

Who doesn’t love a good sneak peak?

We have 6 new products that we’re launching at CHA this year and you get to be the first to see them! We are super excited about these new products, so without further ado, we bring you…



Preserve both your memories and tabletops with this unique coaster. Fill it with photos, mosaics, collage, trinkets or any other keepsake for a handsome home accent! The unique feature about our cool little coaster is that it has a two-piece construction with 7/8″ depth so you can place a variety of things inside it.  Its like a little scrapbook for your table, chock-full of little memories!

Mosaic Elements


Speaking  of being chock-full… our next new product is chock-full of the things every mosaic hobbyist needs to manipulate tiles, grout and cement mosaic projects. A mixing cup, mixing spoon, large and small scraper, mixing stick, sponge, safety glasses and several craft sticks/picks accompany a Mosaic Techniques and Tips Booklet are packed nicely into a mixing bucket that can be used to mix grout or cement. Stop ruining your bowls and measuring tools with this don’t-miss kit!

Mosaic Garden Stakes


Mosaic Elements isn’t the only kit we are introducing this year… check out our fast, fun and easy Mosaic Garden Stake Kit! This kit is the newest addition to our line of popular garden mosaic kits! Make two personalized garden stakes for your herb, flower or vegetable garden with reusable stamps, tumbled glass and quick-setting cement.

New Mosaic Tesserae Mixes


We also have 3 new mosaic tesserae mixes; Mosaic Dots, Cobblestones Bright Mix and Cobblestones Light Mix. Mosaic Dots are irresistible cute, 12mm opaque glass rounds in a rainbow variety of colors. Cobblestones are crystal clear tiles with vibrant solid and glitter colors bonded to the back of each tile creating an illusion of depth in your mosaic project. Offered in two color combinations featuring bright and pastel colors in a variety of shapes and sizes, these tiles are perfect for little hands and require no nipping!

Check out our New Product Section for more details about our fun, new products!

Fixing Those Soldering Iron Woes

Every now and then we get a call about a customer’s Studio 100 Soldering Iron not getting hot enough. We go through the standard questions like where did you purchase your iron, when did you purchase your iron, is there any damage to the cord, are you using a Studio Pro Tip, and the one that surprises everyone … What condition is your tip in?


Believe it or not, the most common cause for any soldering iron “not getting hot enough” is the condition of the tip. If a tip becomes oxidized or rusted it can no longer transfer heat which will make it seem like your soldering iron is not working. Check out this article for ways to fix your tips or better yet, prevent damage. COMPARISON_TIPS-WEB


Cord damage, while not as common as damage to the tip, can be brutal and no amount of electrical tape can fix it. However, there are some basic steps you follow to prevent damage.

  • Do not pull the cord to unplug the iron, pull from the plug.
  • Use a stand when working on a project to prevent the iron from accidently rolling into the cord.
  • Wait until the iron is completely cooled until you put it away.

The Studio 100 Soldering Iron has a built-in temperature control so it is very important to use a soldering iron tip that works with the built-in temperature control. Our Studio Pro Soldering Iron Tips are specifically designed to be used with our Studio 100 iron. Each tip has a temperature controlled magnet that when engaged with the soldering iron, produces the correct temperature. If you are using a soldering iron tip that does not have such a magnet, your Studio 100 will not transfer heat properly.

For more soldering tips, stop by the Creative Corner. Got a tip you’d like to share? Share your favorite tips in the comments section!

The Bevel Max… It’s Not Just for Stained Glass Anymore

Diamond-Max-2-in-1-grinder-Sure, you can quickly create your own custom bevels or modify stock bevels with the three-step system of the Bevel Max. But did you know that beveling is just the tip of the iceberg!

Fusers, you can eliminate devitrification (unsightly hazy spots from firing) with the Bevel Max! Simply use the Bevel Max polishing pad and compound to polish away any blemishes on the glass surface to bring your fused glass back to a beautiful shine. Yep, it is just that easy!

Gemstones are popping up everywhere these days, on clothing, jewelry, accessories and home décor. Beautiful beveled gems are so impressive and all you need to make them is the Bevel Max and a box of glass gems.

Speaking of facets, try beveling through layers of fused glass! Use the same process to modify stock bevels and add facets to any pieces of fused glass in three steps! One; use the grinding disks to shape and grind the glass surface. The 12 bevel block helps to hold the glass in place to ensure just the right angle. Two; use the laps to further grind and shape the glass. Three; use polishing compound (an extremely fine grit powder) and a soft polishing pad to bring your glass to a beautiful high polish. This works just as well with old beads that you just can’t seem to sell, turn them into faceted gems

Ready to learn more? Check out the Bevel Max here and to find one near you, visit our dealer locator.

tiny tip – where old stringers go to die

We love this tip by Uglibeads!

Uglibeads - handmade art glass beads by Julie Wong Sontag

stinger disposal

There are all kinds of little tips and tricks that make life as a beadmaker easier… I feel a bit dumb sharing some of them because they seem so obvious and simple. But if I didn’t know about them after many years in the bead world, maybe some of you didn’t either.

One of those things that is a pain is disposing of all those sharp nasty stringer bits that you’re done with. I used to dump mine in a bowl of water, but then I always had to deal with this nasty, swampy bowl full of sharp glass bits. Wait for the water to dry up, brush the nasty bits into some container so they wouldn’t rip a hole in the garbage bag… Ugh.

Then I read someone’s suggestion to get a big plastic bottle and drop the stringer bits right in there. Genius! It’s like my favorite thing on my work…

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