Let Your Spirit Shine Through Art!



We all have something we’re passionate about. Most of us are passionate about art, which is a given since we wouldn’t be reading this blog right now. But at Diamond Tech Crafts, we all also have other passions in our lives that are perfect for inspiring creativity in art to show our spirit.


Whether it’s a favorite sports team or our love for our country, using our talents for art is a great way to express our devotion. Wondering how to make that happen? The sky is the limit!


For example, you can make fused glass beads to wear on a bracelet, necklace, and matching earrings for game day, or for any day. Make patriotic pieces in the same way too. Nothing looks more beautiful than the American flag’s brilliant red, white and blue hues.


Use KraftyBlok to make a lamp, a bank, or a jar you can use to save up for tickets to your favorite team’s game. Create a stained glass mural or mosaic stepping stones for the yard, coasters for your den, picture frames, table tops, or wall art.


See how many possibilities there are? Now if you’re wondering how to get started, simply visualize what you’d like to make. Is it a team logo? The American flag? The Statue of Liberty? Whatever it is, sketch out your vision so you can plan to translate it into your glass art piece.


Then bring it to life through your chosen art medium. With art, there is no wrong way when it comes to being creative, so let it flow and enjoy the process. Diamond Tech Crafts has plenty of ways for inspiring creativity with project guides you can use to fuel your imagination. What will you be making to show your spirit?



Inspiring Creativity on Snow Days

With this recent blustery weather and the giant bomb cyclone whirling around, it’s a good thing to be indoors. But if you’re a parent, then it can get a little frustrating being trapped inside the house with your kids. There’s only so many snowballs you can throw and snowmen you can build.


And once the weather gets really bad, it’s time for everyone to stay indoors. That means cabin fever for the whole family. But there are things you can do to make that time pass more quickly and make it fun for all ages.


Diamond Tech Crafts would love to inspire your creativity for those snow days indoors that lie ahead!


Build a fort

There is nothing like a good pillow fort to fuel the imagination. If your kids don’t know how to build one, show them how.


Movie marathon

Pop some popcorn, make some hot cocoa and put on all your favorite movies. You can vote to see what you’ll watch and allow everyone have the chance to pick their favorites.


Indoor obstacle course

Here’s a fun way to get creative in your space. Arrange an obstacle course around your living room and time everyone in the family as they go through it. You can also take turns creating new layouts.


Board game fun

If ever there was a time to trot out those board games, this is it. Hopefully you’ve stockpiled all the classics for moments like these!


Create art together

Our favorite way to keep busy indoors though is to craft something special together. There are countless ways to make art out of things you have around the home. Even simply coloring together will be a great release. Diamond Tech Crafts has plenty of free project guides that you can use with your kids too. For example, this decoupage bank will be fun to make and perhaps even inspire them to clean up so you’ll fill it with money.


Make the most of this time together. It can be challenging when confined indoors during these wintery days, but one day you’ll look back on these memories as treasures. Plus, if you make art together while you’re stuck indoors, you’ll even have mementos that will always be there.


Craft a New Tradition for the Holidays

Every family has special holiday traditions, whether it’s going to pick a tree together or taking a special trip. Other families love to make something together. Sometimes it’s cookies, other times it’s crafts. And sometimes it’s a little of both for an extra sweet season.


At Diamond Tech Crafts, our tradition for the holidays is to make holiday crafts that can be used every year. Ornaments and special holiday decorations created each year can remind us of the memories from years before. It also gives us something warm and cozy to do when it’s cold outside.


If you’re looking to start a new tradition for the holidays, try making a holiday craft. You could choose a new craft every year or keep to the same one like making a new ornament and dating it for each year. When you decorate your tree every year, you’ll relive the precious memories each ornament holds.


Another benefit to starting a tradition of crafting is that you can make beautiful and unique gifts that friends, family and coworkers will love. Nothing could be more special than making a gift that comes from the heart. It’s something you can’t buy in any store. Plus, making holiday crafts together gives children a chance to be inspired by creativity and make something for the family.


These holiday treasures you create together will be around for many years to come. Things you make with the children can be passed down from generation to generation, along with the stories of how they were made and the memories surrounding them. Tradition is truly one of the most beautiful gifts you can create with your crafts this holiday season. Diamond Tech Crafts has plenty of free project guides to get you started. Get yours today and start crafting a new tradition for the holidays now!

The Holidays are Your Mosaic of Life

Some say it’s the most wonderful time of year, and at Diamond Tech Crafts, we completely agree. Holidays are a time where you can be with family and loved ones creating new memories which are perfect for building the mosaic of your life.


Speaking of mosaics, we think that making mosaics for the holiday season is great for everyone. For you, the artist, it gives you a chance to find harmony within by expressing your creativity. Holidays are fun, but they are stressful times too because we’re often tasked with hosting guests or making travel plans. Taking some time to develop a mosaic of your own keeps your hands and mind busy, and the results are always stunning.


You can use the mosaics you create to decorate your home for the holidays too. Nothing brings out the spirit of the season like a lovingly crafted work of glass art to display. The other great thing about making mosaics for the holidays is that they make outstanding gifts. If there are people on your list that are impossible to shop for, you can give them a hand-crafted mosaic that truly shows your love because every piece is carefully planned.


Mosaics truly help us remember the smaller bits that make up the bigger picture. Diamond Tech Crafts has an incredible selection of Mosaic Mercantile products that will help you achieve the mosaics of your dreams. You’ll find glass assortments that shine like jewels, sealer, acrylic bases in shapes that work for you like coasters to make creating gifts a breeze, and much more.


What mosaics will you make for the holidays? Whichever creations you make, they are bound to bring plenty more cheer!

Craft Projects You’ll Love From Autumn Leaves to Spooky Stuff

There’s something better than pumpkin spice when fall hits. It’s the chance to make beautiful fall-inspired crafts that everyone will love. Whether you want to jazz up your front lawn with welcoming fall leaves, hang a pumpkin that won’t go rotten, or add some spooky elements for Halloween, Diamond Tech Crafts has fun free fall project guides to let your innovative side shine!


  1. Fall Leaves Garden Stakes

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons because of those gorgeous red, orange, yellow and brown leaves that make the landscape into a gorgeous mosaic. Bring more fall into your yard by using this free project guide to make these fall leave mosaics that you can use to adorn your front walkway this season.


  1. Fall Pumpkin Suncatcher

Add some dazzle to your décor with this suncatching pumpkin that works well from Halloween through Thanksgiving!


  1. Frankenstein’s Monster Luminary

Light things up with some scary good fun! This will make for a really cool light at your Halloween party!


  1. Trick Or Treat Stained Glass

Let the neighborhood kids know they’re welcome. This stained glass project guide helps you create an adorable scene for Halloween, one that will beckon the little ones to come knocking for candy.


  1. My Little Pumpkin Head

Want to keep your Halloween décor on the small scale? This fusing project is ideal for adding just a touch of spooky fun. Hang it on the wall or during your Halloween party, place it around the neck of a wine bottle.


  1. Mummy Buddies

Turn your KraftyBlok into a spooky or silly mummy. These will look amazing next to all the Halloween treats at your party, or delight the neighborhood in your front windows.


Diamond Tech Crafts always has fun and free project ideas for any season. You can find them all here!

How Your Glass Art Can Help Others After a Natural Disaster


First it was Texas with Hurricane Harvey. Then just a couple weeks later, the entire state of Florida was engulfed with vicious Hurricane Irma. Both hurricanes left devastation in their wake with total destruction of property, flooding, and even claiming lives.


It’s been a rough few weeks for the south of the country, but the spirit of the people affected is strong, even if many areas are still without electricity while the outside temperatures continue to climb. For those affected, hurricanes can be traumatic even if no loss of lives or property has taken place. It hammers away at the spirit and brings about more stress. Plus for many, it keeps them out of work with no way to make up the losses.


For those that weren’t in the path of either hurricane though, it gives the opportunity to lend a helping hand. One great way to make that happen is to use your talent as a glass artist to raise money for disaster relief. Famously in Austin in 2015, the Armadillo Art Glass Initiative held a Main Event with live glass blowing demonstrations as well as other arts, music and food to raise money for Meals On Wheels. It worked too. They raised over $40,000.


You can create an event in your city to raise money for the victims of these two mega-hurricanes, or you can sell the glass art you’ve created with your own hands and donate the money you make to a charity like the Red Cross that will help the victims of these natural disasters. It’s a creative way to get involved and every little bit counts.


From the deepest and darkest places, some of the most beautiful light shines through. Hurricanes are a part of nature and they are an intense force. There’s something beautiful in the way the clouds swirl, how the trees sway and how we’re reminded to be humble in the thick of it. But even more stunning is the heart you see from every affected person, reaching out to each other to stay strong and get through the disaster. Perhaps that is the truest beauty in the aftermath of the storm.


Whatever inspires you, let your inspirational glass art help toward disaster relief to make the world an even more beautiful place.

Innovative and Creative Crafts for Independence Day

What do you have planned for the 4th of July? Before you kick up your heels and celebrate with the rest of America, why not craft something special for the holiday? Diamond Tech Crafts has some creative inspiration for you when it comes to making summer fun art that’s perfect to show off for July 4th.


Here are some suggestions that come with free project guides to help you get crafting!


Cool Brew Beer Glasses

These will come in handy and look totally classy for your 4th of July celebration. Plus, you’re recycling used beer bottles so you’re saving the planet too. That’s a gift for your and a gift for the world that’s perfect for America’s birthday. Get ready to raise your glasses for a toast!


Yankee Doodle Dandee Vase

A vase full of flowers is always a nice touch to put out before guests arrive. Let your vase be a patriotic centerpiece on your July 4th buffet table!


Sailboat Tealights

Before the fireworks light up the night, light up your home or yard with these beautiful sailboat tealights. They add just the right summery touch and ambient light to any event and will look good in a nautically-themed room any time of year.


Painted KraftyBlok

This free project guide for how to paint a KraftyBlok will surely provide plenty of inspiration. You can use any photo you want to paint onto your KraftyBlok, and that includes one of the Statue of Liberty, the American flag, fireworks, or any other patriotic symbols you can think of. Even decorating it with simple stars and stripes will give this a 4th of July feel that you can feel proud to show off.


Summer Fun Mosaic Platter

Every party needs a good platter, and for 4th of July that should be no exception. This summery-styled mosaic platter pattern is easy to follow and will add a fantastically unique touch to your backyard gathering. Place a clear glass dish on top and pile it high with hamburger and hotdog buns.


Morning Glory Table

If you could do with some more outdoor furniture, why not make this beautiful mosaic table? In addition to adding another surface a guest can use at your 4th of July party, you can use it all year round to jazz up your patio.


Which one will you make to bring more life to your 4th of July party? Use our store locator to get your Diamond Tech supplies to make your next project.