How to Apply an Image on a KraftyBlok

So you want to put a photo on a KraftyBlok? You could tape the photo on… but then the photo will fall off. You could glue the photo on, but then you’ll have all sorts of sticky stuff everywhere and you’ll see the glue through the KraftyBlok. Well low and behold your solution is simple. … Continue reading How to Apply an Image on a KraftyBlok


Weekender Project: KraftyBlok Seaside Shadowbox

As the last days of summer slip away, keep those fond memories of vacations and day trips alive throughout the whole year with this Seaside Shadowbox. This fun project uses the Kraftyblok as the project base and can be covered and filled with a few items from your summer adventures. Whether your memories are filled with sand castles and starfish … Continue reading Weekender Project: KraftyBlok Seaside Shadowbox