What the Frit? Embellishments to add while fusing!

A fun way to add interest and embellish while fusing  is by mixing in combinations of stringers, millefiori, confetti and frit.


Stringers for FusingStringers are very thin lines or rods of glass almost the size of angel hair pasta, sometimes even smaller. They are available in multiple colors and can be placed in patterns on or between glass, think patchwork, stripes, outlines or borders.


Fused pendant with stringers

Black stringers are used to create striped fused pendant.

Multi Color Milliefiori for Fusing


Millefiori are multicolored patterned decorative glass slices usually the thickness of glass rods or a drinking straw. Millefiori usually resemble little glass flowers, stars or  pin-wheels and they can be placed between or on top of glass.


Fused glass with millefiori

Millefiori is used to create a fused bottle stopper.

Frit for Fusing


Frit is crushed 90 COE glass available in a multi-colored package,  I would say frit resembles Pop Rocks or Fruity Pebbles  or little dots that can be sprinkled over your glass surface for a neat multi-colored result.


Fused Pin with Frit

Frit is used to create the top of a fused mitten pin.

Mixed Confetti for Fusing


Confetti is available in multi-colored or solid colored packages and as the name implies it’s a little bit confetti-like. It is a very thin/paper-like type of glass that you can layer to form fun random shapes.

Fused Pendant with Confetti

A fused pendant made with confetti.

When mixed together these embellishments produce a stunning effect.

To find Fuseworks glass fusing products near you, check out our store locator and for fun fusing projects using the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln make sure you visit our Creative Corner.

Stringers, Millefiori, Frit Fused Pin       Millefiori, Frit and Confetti in Fused Drawer Pull    Fused Earrings Frit and Stringers



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